How Much Does a Russian Blue Cat Cost?

How Much Does a Russian Blue Cat Cost?

Russian Blue cats are absolutely stunning animals and a joy to have in households thanks to their independent and yet loyal attitude.

They tend to get along well with other animals and children and can be left alone for hours at a time while you’re at work.

With all of these compelling reasons, it’s no wonder that Russian Blue cats are popular! So how much can you expect to pay for this cat? How much does a Russian Blue cat cost?

Prices vary, depending on the age of the cat and its pedigree, but you can expect to pay an average of $500-$750, with kittens costing more than adults.

Keep in mind though, that the price will fluctuate wildly, depending on the breeder and the pedigree.

Factors That Go Into Pricing a Russian Blue Cat

There are a number of factors that come into play when discussing the pricing of this animal. These include:

  • Pedigrees. The better the pedigree, the higher the price
  • The breeder. More reputable breeders can charge more. Mind, this also means that you are getting a better quality of animal with a much healthier lifespan than if you went with a cheaper, but more disreputable breeder
  • The country of origin. In Europe, Russian Blue cats can cost around $1,000; in the US, the price is half to three-quarters of that (500-750).
  • Is the cat for show or not? Show cats are easily double the price
  • Rarity. Russian Blue cats are rare in some parts of the world, more common in others

The price tag of $500 is a rough average, with kittens costing more than adults due to scarcity (most people spay or neuter their cats after all).

Sometimes, you may be able to find an adult Russian Blue for less than that, particularly in pet shelters when they are given up for adoption.

Russian Blue cats are considered to be on the low-medium side of pricing when compared to other breeds of cats. But it really depends on how scarce they are in your area and what kind of pedigree you want your cat to have.

Can Russian Blue Cats Be Found in Shelters?

Any breed of cat really could be found in a pet shelter, and Russian Blue cats are no different. In this case, you can usually expect to pay less – $15-$200 (depending on the shelter) and you’ll have the benefit that the animal will be vaccinated and be spayed or neutered as part of the cost.

Keep in mind though that the animal may have a few behavioral issues and it will probably be nearly impossible to trace any sort of lineage. Still, it’s always good to adopt a pet when you can!

Do keep in mind though that Russian Blues are rarely left at shelters and cats which are claimed to be Russian Blues are usually domestic shorthairs.

Still great cats, but not what you were after. It’s important to talk to local shelters about your needs and do some careful research.

How Much Does a Russian Blue Cat Cost To Take Care Of?

Russian Blue cats are generally low-maintenance cats. Although this breed has a very plush coat, it is still a shorthair cat, and most grooming can be done at home.

However, they are also a long-lived cats and that means your daily costs of food, toys, vet visits, and cat litter will also be a bit higher compared to breeds with a shorter life expectancy.

Food, toys, and so on will vary in cost depending on what you are feeding your cat.

For good quality food, figure on spending between twenty and twenty-five dollars per week, and then an additional ten or fifteen dollars for treats.

Food bowls can be bought in places like Dollar stores to save money or even use your own bowls. Anything after that is up to you, but it is recommended to make sure your cat has a good cat tree to scratch and climb on and some toys, which usually come to an additional $50-100 and would have to be repurchased every year or so.

You might also want to buy things like brushes, clippers, leashes, harnesses, collars, etc., but that really depends on you. Finally, cat litter costs on average about $20/week.

How Much Does a Russian Blue Cat Cost?

I don’t know if I would bother with cat beds or blankets, for example, (my cats have historically just slept all over my stuff and ignored anything I buy for them), but some people like to do it.

But you certainly want to budget for food, cat litter, and toys, and then budget extra for vet visits as needed.

Russian Blue cats are definitely not the most expensive of the cat breeds to take care of, but you do have to factor their food, treats, and litter into your weekly grocery shop and set money aside for things like toys, vet visits, and cat trees.


A purebred Russian Blue cat, on average, costs between $500 and $750, depending on the age, pedigree, and breeder, though they can hit $1500 or more for show cats and depending on where you live.

After that, most of your costs are fairly moderate for things like food, toys, and cat litter; it’s just something you need to add to your usual grocery budget.

Do keep in mind that as long-lived cats, you’ll be paying for their supplies for up to twenty years or more! But these are such fantastic pets that you won’t regret the extra spent on them every week.

How much do you spend on average on your cat? My cats are pretty low maintenance, though they do love catnip toys and those aren’t cheap!