Can Russian Blue Cats Be Left Alone?

Can Russian Blue Cats Be Left Alone?

Are all cats independent and aloof? This is certainly the reputation that they get – especially when compared to dogs which are considered to be very loyal and dependent on their owners.

Whether this is true or not actually depends on the breed: Maine Coon cats for example get pretty sad when they are left alone for too long and would much rather be around their people or at least have a buddy.

So, what about Russian Blue cats? Can Russian Blue cats be left alone?

Russian Blue cats are a bit of an oxymoron when they come to their personality. They are reserved with strangers, but bond closely with their humans. They are rigidly fixed on their routine, and they are perfectly content to be left alone for hours at a time – as long as that is the routine.

So yes, Russian Blue cats can certainly be left alone, as long as it’s not for days at a time, which would be neglect no matter the breed of a cat anyway.

An Independent Personality

Russian Blue cats are often considered to be aloof by people who don’t know them very well and it is true that they have a reserved personality and can be quite shy around strangers.

They also prefer to stick to their routine with their people doing what they should be doing. This is particularly in regard to food – Russian Blue cats are pretty food motivated!

Russian Blue cats also bond closely with their humans.

However, this is also quite an independent cat. This particular breed is intelligent and will happily entertain itself while its people are going to work and/or school or errands.

They don’t tend to get depressed or lonely as quickly as other breeds do and while they will happily greet their people at the door when they arrive, they won’t be pining for their humans all day either.

You probably don’t have to worry too much about your Russian Blue feeling lonely if you’re at work – as long as the regular routine is followed, most of these cats stay pretty content.

Be sure to leave them with a fresh bowl of water, a good perch to survey their kingdom, and some toys and they will cheerfully entertain themselves while you’re away.

Do Russian Blue Cats Need a Companion?

Russian Blue cats don’t need a companion, but they usually don’t mind having one either.

Laid back and independent, this breed of cat tends to get along with other breeds that are also laid back, and with some breeds of dogs.

If you can get one of your cat’s littermates, they are more likely to bond with one another, but Russian Blue cats can bond with other cats and even dogs.

Can Russian Blue Cats Be Left Alone?

Having a companion animal is certainly beneficial to cats, even if it’s not necessary. Benefits include:

  • A playmate that will motivate both animals to exercise
  • Mental stimulation
  • Helping to tide over stressful situations like moving, a new baby, or other situations
  • Reduced loneliness (Even Russian Blue cats may feel lonely!)

It is important to ensure that the companion animals is properly introduced and as a temperament and energy level similar to your Russian Blue.

Opposites don’t tend to attract when it comes to pets!

How Long Can Russian Blue Cats Be Left Alone?

As one of the more independent breeds, Russian Blue cats can actually be left alone for a day or two without feeling too badly about it.

However, this assumes that you have provided them with enough water and food (and a delivery system that ensures they won’t eat it all or wreck their water), and some toys to keep them occupied.

We also wouldn’t recommend leaving any cat alone for long periods of time simply because they may get into something they shouldn’t and get hurt, they may get lonely after a while and then get destructive, (or bored and then destructive), or they may run out of food or mess up their litter box too much.

But Russian Blue cats can usually do all right for a day or even two on their own.

After that, it’s getting far too likely that they will run out of clean litter, food, and/or water and start causing destruction.

And even the most independent cat still likes to know where their people are!


Some cats do not do well being left alone for very long. Russian Blue cats aren’t those breeds – they very much epitomize the Independent Cat trope.

However, they still bond closely with their human, and they don’t really want to be alone all the time. They also do best with a routine that they can predict, so don’t leave them alone for too long at random times.

But for a working professional, this is a breed of cat that doesn’t worry about someone being gone for the day – just expect an enthusiastic greeting when you return.

Does your cat enjoy it when you’re gone or sulk?