Do Russian Blue Cats Like Water?

Do Russian Blue Cats Like Water?

Aside from the stereotype that all cats are aloof and independent (“Hear that my kitties? You shouldn’t need me around you all the time”), the other common one is that cats hate water.

There are plenty of videos about how to bathe your cat safely, hilarious outtakes of cats reacting to water, and so on. And while most cats aren’t precisely fans of water, it’s not entirely true that they all hate it.

Bengals for example e, are known to enjoy swimming while Turkish Vans are nicknamed “swimming cat” because of their water-resistant coat.

And other cats, like Maine Coons, just think water is fun to play with, usually making a mess in the process.

But where do Russian Blue cats fall in the mix? Do Russian Blue cats like water?

With Russian Blue cats, it really depends on their personality, but in general, they are known to like water.

They probably won’t go swimming like a Bengal, but you may find that your cat enjoys dipping its paw in water and splashing a little. They are also more likely to drink water than other breeds.

Do Russian Blue Cats Like Playing with Water?

Russian Blue cats are known for being both smart and playful, so don’t be surprised if you find your cat playing with water. They may do things like:

  • Splash in their water bowl
  • Dip their paws in bathtubs
  • Poke their noses or paws into your water glass
  • Drink out of dripping faucets

They aren’t as bad as Maine Coons (who are known to go for open toilets to play), but if there happens to be a cup of water and your Russian Blue happens to be hanging out with you anyway, you may see a paw trying to sneak its way in, just to see what it’s like.

As a result of not caring too much about water, using a squirt gun to deter problematic behavior is probably not the ideal way to go.

Your cat might just try to catch it instead of running away! But liking water (or not) is as much down to personality as it is breed, so your Russian Blue cat may hate it while another cat may love it.

Do Russian Blue Cats Need Water to Be Healthy?

All cats need water in order to be healthy, but they often don’t like to just drink it. Proper hydration is critical for brain and body function and without water, cats will die in a matter of days.

Do Russian Blue Cats Like Water?

Water helps support bodily functions such as healing, development, and maintenance of gums, skin, and fur, digestion, and general overall health.

However, many cats won’t drink enough water on their own – they tend to get most of their water from their food.

You can also use things like water fountains to tempt cats to drink the amount of water they need.

Water bowls can be more problematic – a lot of cats hate them because the sides brush their whiskers and irritate them.

Symptoms of dehydration in cats include:

  • Low skin elasticity
  • Urinating too little
  • Dry/sticky gums
  • Faint pulse and intense heart rate
  • Wheezing
  • Decreased appetite
  • Quivering
  • Feeble/lethargic
  • Bladder/kidney stones
  • Urinary tract infections

Cats can be very stubborn about drinking water though, so you often have to get it to them through their food.

High-quality wet cat food is the easiest way to get cats the water they need and it’s usually better for them anyway.

You can also give them wet cat food treats such as cat broths and ‘soups’. If you see signs that your cat is dehydrated, get them to the vet right away as untreated dehydration can quickly become fatal.

Can Russian Blue Cats Swim?

Surprisingly, most cats have an innate ability to swim – they just don’t usually want to use it. This includes Russian Blue cats. They can swim, but they prefer to just bat at water with their paws.

You can also teach your Russian Blue how to swim, which is beneficial if your cat travels with you a lot or you are concerned about it getting into something like a pool or a pond on your property.

They are intelligent cats who respond well to training, so the outcome of teaching a cat to swim is usually good. Success though will largely depend on your cat’s prior experiences with water and their personality.

If you do decide to teach your cat how to swim, use a bathtub for a more controlled setting and take it slowly.

Do Russian Blue Cats Need to be Bathed?

Unless your cat is an outdoor cat who gets grubby on regular occasions, Russian Blue cats don’t usually need to be bathed. Their coats don’t mat or get dirty easily and they can usually take care of their own grooming.

But the occasional bath can be helpful to get rid of sticky patches, and dirt, deal with fleas (hopefully that never happens!), if a cat gets sick on itself or gets into something in the house that causes them to be a bit grubby.

Training cats to tolerate water at least enough for the occasional bath is beneficial.


Russian Blue cats aren’t known specifically for loving water, but they don’t really hate it either. An enjoyment of water is going to come from their personality and previous experiences – if they had a traumatic experience, they are going to hate water!

Don’t be surprised if you catch your cat playing with their water bowl or batting at running water as this is fairly common behavior.

At the same time, don’t expect that your cat will dive straight into the water and start swimming!

They generally tolerate water and may enjoy batting it on their own terms, but they aren’t really swimming cats.

Does your Russian Blue like water? What do they like to do with it?