Cat will not eat

Cats can be picky when it comes to food however, if your cat suddenly refuses to eat something then you need to make sure the reason is not serious. It is best to consult with a vet when your cat is avoiding food just to make sure that it’s nothing serious.

Sometimes a cat might refuse food because if it is not the usual food that they trust. It could also in some cases be a way of simply requesting a different type of food.

These are fairly simple problems that you can solve by making a slow change to the cat’s food and see the reaction. Cold food is also something that cat’s naturally want to avoid.

Some cat’s also have a sensitive stomach. In this case food that’s too heavy won’t be good for the cat. Here’s our top picks for the best cat food for sensitive stomach that you can get for your feline friend. We have done hours of researching picking the best highly rated products so that you can pick the best for your cat.