Best Cat Trees For Large Cats 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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AmazonBasics Multi-Level Cat Tree Best Cat Tree For Large CatSuperjare Cat Tree TowerHey Brother Multi-Level Cat Tree

The natural instincts of a cat may seem harmless, but they can, in fact, be harmful to your furniture at home. Investing in a good cat tree is a good idea to save your furniture and curtains from the clutches of your clawy friend.

If you own a cat, you must be aware that cats enjoy their personal space. In a dedicated space of their own, they will find the liberty to scratch, jump, and stretch anytime they want. However, it can be tricky to find the right cat tree if your cat is heavy.


Large and heavy cats require steadier and bigger cat trees. The quality of the cat house also matters. It should not be compromised upon if you want to avoid any unfortunate accidents.

We have enlisted some of the best cat trees for large cats below. You will be able to choose the right accessories for your feline friend after going through this helpful guide.

Top 20 Best Cat Trees For Large Cats 2020

1. AmazonBasics Multi-Level Cat Tree

AmazonBasics Multi-Level Cat Tree Best Cat Tree For Large Cat

This cat tree by Amazon Basics comes in a beautiful beige color. The look of it will please you as much as your cat. This is a multi-level cat tree. Any cat will become fond of it in no time because of space and comfort that it provides.

It comes with multiple scratching posts, all lined with sisal. The natural sisal lining will ensure that your cats don’t hurt themselves and stay comfortable and satisfied. It will also keep the nails of your cats sharp and healthy.

It also features a condo with a double entry. It will become your cat’s favorite place to hide and laze around. It comes with hanging toys that will keep your cat engaged for hours. This cat tree is made with some of the best materials. It is safe to use and sturdy enough for a big cat. Your cat can jump all over it with force and it will stand strong and durable.

With this cat tree, your cat will find its favorite place to relax or get playful. It is easy to maintain and will require no special efforts in cleaning it. This is an affordable cat tree and buying it will not cause a dent in your budget.


2. Superjare Cat Tree Tower

Superjare Cat Tree Tower

Superjare’s 48-inch cat tree tower is the ideal size for large cats. This cat tree looks premium and comes with a finish that looks and feels equally cozy.

It has got plenty of space to accommodate multiple cats. With four different levels to explore, this cat tower will not disappoint your fluffy cat in terms of space and size.

The cat tree is equipped with many sisal scratching posts. Your cat will enjoy scratching the perfect surface and texture.

The tree features two separate platforms on the top fitted with plushies. Your cat can comfortably rest in her own lounging area there.

This cat tree remains stable and can endure the weight of heavy cats easily. You wouldn’t have to worry about the safety of your cat. The bottom of the cat tree is made heavy and will ensure that the structure doesn’t tip or fall with the movement of your cat. It comes with multiple condos on different levels and also with jiggly balls that cats enjoy playing with.

Superjare describes this product as a cat kingdom. With so many premium features, your cat will certainly feel like it is her own kingdom. The gray color of this cat tree will sit well in any room. It will look good standing next to any other piece of furniture.

We can conclude that this durable product laden with features is the best cat tree for large cats for the price. Your cat will absolutely love everything about it.


3. Hey Brother Multi-Level Cat Tree

Hey Brother Multi-Level Cat Tree

This light gray cat tree comes with a luxurious feel in terms of both its looks and its feel. With plenty of space to jump about and relax, it will make your cat feel like the royalty it is.

The finishing on this cat tree makes it stand out and it can even be a conversation starter piece in your room.

It is built with premium materials that make its structure durable and strong. It remains stable and is suitable for heavy cats.

It comes with two spacious condos to give your cat the ideal place to stretch and relax. To provide optimum comfort, a wide platform with a cozy plush is also added on the top.

Featuring pillars covered with natural sisal ropes, this cat tree will also serve as a scratching spot for your cat. The pillars are tall and sturdy enough to withstand the weight of a large cat.

An attached perched hammock makes this cat tree better than the rest.

Some jingly balls are also attached through suspended ropes. They will make for an interactive plaything for your cat and will keep it active.

This cat tree can be the perfect playground for your cat and is not much to invest in. It is perfectly safe and comes embedded with anti-topple fittings. With safety, structure, and ease of assembly all in one cat tree, what else could you ask for?

This product will surely satisfy you and your cat and is something that you should consider investing in.


4. AmazonBasics Multi-Level Cat Tree

AmazonBasics Multi-Level Cat Tree

This is a bright colored multi-level cat tree. It stands stable, looks great, and is the perfect size for a big cat. It can easily support one or two cats with a weight of up to 35lbs each.

It comes with one spacious condo which could be the resting place for your cat. It also has platforms at varying heights. Cats love exploring heights, so this is one feature that your cat is absolutely going to enjoy. Your cat will also find solid scratching posts and lots of playthings in this cat tower.

The scratch posts are made with natural jute fiber. It won’t harm your cat’s pretty claws and will help develop a healthy scratching habit too. It comes with a dangling ball that your cat can play with. It is fitted durably, and won’t break easily.

This cat tree is equipped with everything that will make it your cat’s go-to place for rest, play, and adventure. It also looks good and its neutral color will suit any room without looking ugly. It is easy to set up and comes at a friendly price.

If you are looking for a product that should last, this is the one you should invest in.


5. Go Pet Club 62-inch Cat Tree

Go Pet Club 62-inch Cat Tree

This cat tree comes in a unique design that would make it a little art piece in your home. Finding cat trees for large cats that look good can often be challenging and this one would certainly not disappoint in terms of looks.

It is big enough to accommodate large cats comfortably. It comes equipped with fun toys to keep your cat busy on her own.

The structure of the cat tree provides enough space for multiple large cats. It comes with two hammocks where your cats can sit or sleep comfortably.

It offers further privacy with a condo. The condo is not as spacious and wide but can be a cozy spot for your cat.

It has a cute ladder for the cat to climb up or down the tower. This product is made with high-quality materials which ensure durability and comfort for the cat. The structure is made with compressed wood and is covered with faux fur. It gives the product a high-quality finish. It won’t look cheap and will make the room in which it sits look quite fancy.

It also comes with a number of posts covered with sisal. They provide a safe surface where your cat can scratch its nails. With this new scratching spot, your cat will finally spare your furniture and curtains.

It features raised edges on the top platform which add to the support and safety for your cat.

Note that although this cat tree is suitable for large cats, its overall size is a medium.


6. Rabbitgoo 61in Cat Tree House

Rabbitgoo 61in Cat Tree House

This is a versatile cat tree house that comes in a beautiful gray color.

Your cat can comfortably lay, relax, or enjoy on this cat tree. It is 61 inches long and offers a lot of space to the cat.

It comes with a built in hammock where your cat can enjoy some swinging. Another perched hammock provides a comfortable place for your cat to sink in. It also features interactive loop balls suspended with a rope. It would be the perfect thing to play with for your cat.

The cat tree also features extended platforms on every level where the cat can sit and stretch without compromising on comfort.

The posts are all lined with sisal and make for a good and ideal scratching place. However, the posts are not wholly covered with the sisal. Only the middle portion of it is covered.

It also features a condo with a built-in window for your cat to peek through.

The material used in the making of this cat tree is P2 grade particle wood which is durable enough to endure the weight and activities of heavy cats. It is easy to assemble and will not give you a hard time setting it up.

It is a good product for the price. You should consider buying it if you want more features in the product but have a limited budget.


7. Bewishome Cat Tree

Bewishome Cat Tree

This cat tree is big enough to comfortably let more than one large cat rest on it comfortably. It comes in a smokey gray color. It features two separate condos, both of which are quite spacious. Your cats will enjoy these lounging rooms.

To keep the cats interested and engaged, this cat tree features two suspended jingly balls. Your cat will certainly spend a lot of time playing with it. If you like to have your cat pampered, this cat tree is all the better for you. It comes with a hammock where your cat can lay and swing itself to sleep.

It also comes with multiple platforms where your cat can jump to and fro from. This is the best cat tree to buy if your cat likes to climb up and down on levels. The price of this product also doesn’t hurt.

The only con seems to be the pillars. Cats love to scratch their claws out.

This cat tree is equipped with posts covered with sisal lining but in a limited way. Only the middle portion of the pillars are covered with the sisal lining.

This wouldn’t be the best purchase if you are looking for something that makes your cat stop scratching your furniture.


8. Feandrea Cat Tree

Feandrea Cat Tree

This cat tree is one of the best purchases if your concern is the safety of your cat. It comes with all its edges rounded. Your cat will never get hurt while playing on this cat tree.

It is a three-level tower with a condo on the second level and a plush platform on the top one. It also comes with a perched hammock on one side.

This is a smaller cat tree and also an affordable one. The posts on the lowest level are covered with sisal lining where your cat can scratch in peace.

Also, if your cat loves scratching, there is a whole scratching ramp that comes with this cat tree.

Your cat will keep herself busy with a suspended jingly ball that comes attached to one of the platforms. This cat tree comes in a light grey color and will add to the look of your home and to the comfort of your cat.

When we talk about safety, the high quality of wood with which the structure is built promises stability.

This is a small but durable product and your cat will love it.


9. MidWest Cat Furniture

MidWest Cat Furniture

This attractive cat tree comes with the most innovative design that you and your cat will both love. It comes in a blue color with sunburst-white posts for your cat to scratch.

This is a tall, 4-tier cat tree. It comes covered with a fur that is ultra soft to touch. It also has a designer print fabric.

The cat tree has a hoop hammock fitted to one side and a cozy hooded cat bed on the top.

All the support pillars are wrapped with sisal covering. Your cat will find an alternate place to scratch with this cat tree.

It is easy to assemble and comes with all the tools and instructions required. This piece of furniture will stand apart and look stylish sitting in a corner or even the centre of a room.

This is an affordable and stylish piece and will give your cat an ideal place of its own.


10. Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

This is a cat tree smaller in size than regular ones but also supports large cats. It is not only affordable but also good looking. With its beautiful brown color, it will not just become the cat’s favourite; it will become the cynosure of your eyes as well.

The dimensions for this cat tree are 32W X 25 L X 47.5 H. This is a slightly smaller cat tree and will not be suitable for your cat if it likes climbing heights.

However, because of its smaller size, this cat tree is much more affordable.

It also features a ladder with steps covered with sisal ropes that will tempt your cat to scratch it every time it wants to climb it.

The material used in the making of this cat tree is pressed wood and faux fur board. It is really soft to touch and very comfortable to sit on.

It features a condo too. With a thick suspended rope with loose ends, your cat will enjoy a lot of time playing.

Overall, this cat tree is good and laden with features. If you can compromise on the size and height of this tree, this would be the right cat tree for you.


11. Aeromark International Armarkat Cat Tree

Aeromark International Armarkat Cat Tree

If you want a perfect cat tree that looks minimal, this could be the one for you. This cat tree comes in a muted ivory color. It has got all the features that will attract your cat and keep it busy from making a mess elsewhere in the house.

With a dimension of 28L X 27W X 62H inches, this cat tree has enough room to accommodate big, playful cats.

It is made with materials that are durable. It can easily handle the weight of your cat and last long. It has a maximum holding weight of 40 pounds. Anything less than that jumping around on it will be handled easily by this cat tree.

It is covered throughout with faux fleece, which is a popular material and is soft to touch. Your cat will feel nothing but comfort and joy being on this cat tree.

It comes with a number of scratching posts on every level, each covered with sisal lining.

When your cat is not scratching, it can rest on any of the platforms on the cat tree. Or it can hide inside the cozy condo.

It also features a play string that would certainly catch the attention of any cat.

Its features make this the best cat tree for large cats and you should consider investing in it.


12. Furhaven Pet Tall Cat Tree

Furhaven Pet Tall Cat Tree

This product by Furhaven is not just a cat tree but is a whole cat playground in itself.

No other cat tree will give you so many features all in one. It comes with levels within levels and is equipped to keep your cat busy and entertained throughout the day.

It comes with interactive ball toys, hiding places, resting platforms, mouse toys, and a whole cat IQ box too. It also comes with the usual scratching posts for its scratching needs and a ladder as well. The scratching posts have a rough surface to keep your cat hooked onto it.

The structure is lined with faux fur that makes it all the more comfortable for your cat. The dimensions of this cat tree are 19.7 X 19.7 X 69.3 inches. It comes in the color silver grey and will sit well in every household.

This Furhaven cat tree is made to keep special needs in mind. This is easy to clean and requires almost no maintenance at all. It comes with limited coverage for defects.

Your cat will have the best time playing on this cat tree. This is one product you should definitely consider purchasing if you want to make your feline happy.


13. Fukumaru Cat Tree

Fukumaru Cat Tree

This Fukumaru Coconut Cat Tree is a quirky piece. This is not one of those regular boring cat trees that make the whole room ugly.

It is built in the shape of a coconut and gives an exotic feel. It comes in vibrant colors that would definitely attract your cat.

Your cat will not be able to stay away from it because of its quirky shape and bright colors.

Note that this is a small cat tree and is 15.7 X 15.7 X 29.5 inches in dimension. However, it is suitable for large cats.

This particular cat tree comes with a quirky attraction – a large leaf-shaped platform on top. Instead of scratching posts like on other cat trees, this one features spheres of different sizes covered with sisal lining. These are as good as the regular scratching posts and your cat can stretch itself on them more comfortably.

It comes in a sturdy design and is made of durable materials. It is built to last and is very easy to maintain.

Fukumaru is a known brand that makes the best cat trees for large cats and this cat tree will disappoint neither you nor your pampered feline.

Again, this particular cat tree does not feature a lot of cat toys. Nevertheless, it is a good purchase if you are mainly looking to give your cat a dedicated space to scratch surfaces and rest.

In terms of that, quality and durability, this product will not disappoint the buyer.


14. Go Pet CLub 72in Cat Tree

Go Pet CLub 72in Cat Tree

This is another budget-friendly cat tree that comes laden with features. The slate grey cat tree comes in a size of 33W X 22L X 72H inches.

With a lot of levels to jump to and from, your cat will find the perfect space to enjoy itself.

It comes equipped with all the necessary accessories like scratching posts and toy mice to keep your cat busy and happy.

Apart from that, it features condos, ladders, and resting spaces for your cat.

In short, this cat tree has everything that an active cat would require.

This is a stable product that is easy to assemble and to clean. It will bear the weight of heavy cats easily and can also accommodate multiple cats at a time. If you are looking for cat trees for large cats on a budget, this one would make for a smart purchase.


15. MQ Multi-Level Cat Tree

MQ Multi-Level Cat Tree

This cat tree is actually a cat kingdom. It is huge in size and can accommodate many large cats at the same time.

If you pet more than one cat, you will like this cat tree a lot. The dimension of this cat tree is huge. It is 24 x 20.1 x 67 inches in size.

It has got multiple levels and plenty of space on every level. Your cat will find the liberty to move around along this big tower. It features big, wide condos on two levels and large platforms as well. Your cat can not only jump around the structure; she can actually sit, stretch, and relax on this cat tree.

It comes with a swinging hammock on the lowest platform and another perched hammock which are perfect places to relax.

Your cat can scratch all she wants with 3 jingly balls and sisal covered posts on every level.

This is an anti-fall structure, so you do not have to bother about the safety of your cat either. The base is made with a reinforced wood plate. It keeps the structure stable and sturdy.

The plush covering will not get harmed by your cat’s claws easily. You can rest assured of the quality of this cat tree.

Safe, huge, and fancy, this is the best cat tree for large cats.


16. Hey Brother 63in Multi-Level Cat Tree

Hey Brother 63in Multi-Level Cat Tree

The first thing about this cat tree that will catch your eye is how beautiful it actually looks. It comes in a smokey gray color and looks elegant.

It is a sturdy and stable piece equipped with all kinds of toys and accessories for your cat. The baseboard of this cat tree comes in a dimension of 26 x 16 inches. It is supported by 3 sturdy posts.

The overall structure of this cat tree is good and stable.

The posts are covered with natural sisal. Your cats can scratch and grind its nails comfortably there. It is easy to assemble and it comes with all the required tools and detailed guidelines for the same.

The overall size of this cat tree is 25.6 x 15.8 x 63 inches. Around 3-4 cats can comfortably play at this cat tree at a time. It features plush cat beds at the top, 2 condos for your cat to sleep or hide in. It also comes with two separate hammocks and swinging balls for your cat to play with.

To make it short, it is equipped with a lot of nice features that will keep your cat occupied.

The price for such a big and feature-laden cat tree is more than good and you should buy this cat tree if you own large cats.


17. Feandrea Cat Tree

Feandrea Cat Tree

This is a basic cat house for large cats. It comes in a gray color.

If you are looking to give your large cats a separate house to sleep and scratch in, this would be the perfect cat tree for you.

It comes with two levels with a plush cat bed on top. Your cat can rest in the condo in comfort.

This cat tree also comes with scratching posts for your cat. The scratch posts are lined with natural sisal. This will promote exercise for your cat and will also save your furniture from your feline friend.

The top perch is an excellent lounge area for your cat and comes with boundaries lined with plush pillows to prevent your cat from falling.

This is an extremely affordable piece which you should not miss out on.

The anti-toppling fitting prevents your cat from falling down.

However, if your cat is hyperactive and requires a number of distractions to keep herself busy throughout the day, this might not be the suitable cat house for your cat as it doesn’t come with any special eye-catching attachments or accessories.


18. Amazon Basics Cat Activity Tree

Amazon Basics Cat Activity Tree

The structure of this cat tree is quite simple and not fancy. If you are strictly looking for a cat tree to provide for your cat’s scratching needs, this would be the right one to buy.

It comes in brown color and features four levels and a lot of scratching posts.

The scratching posts are all lined with sisal ropes. It would help develop a scratching habit in your cat and it will not spoil your furniture or curtains anymore.

The cat tree also features platforms on every level which helps the cat climb. The circular top with high boundaries serves as a resting space and as a cat bed.

Your cat will enjoy climbing up and down this cat tree. Not to mention scratching on the sisal-lined posts.

This cat tree can ideally be placed in the corner of the room. It will not require more space than that but will be enough for your large cat at the same time.

Anybody can assemble this cat tree on their own as it comes with a complete assembly kit. It measures 17.7 x 17.7 x 45.9 inches (LxWxH).

This basic cat tree will make for a good purchase if you have limited room in your house but you still want to give your cat a space of its own.


19. Mellcomm Cat Tree Condo

Mellcomm Cat Tree Condo

This cat tree will add some adventure and light into your cat’s life. It is equipped with everything a cat would need. It’s every level is laden with stuff and activities that would make your cat happy.

It is furnished with a cylindrical condo, a ladder that walks up to the condo. The steps of the ladder are lined with sisal ropes. The cat tree also features multiple platforms where your cat can rest. It comes with a perched round hammock too.

Apart from that, it comes with scratching posts and cat toys suspended from ropes. Your cat will have a fun time playing and jumping to and from this cat tree.

If your large cat is lazy, buying this cat tree would be a great idea. Your cat will be attracted to this cat tree and hence will not be able to resist.

This cat tree is made up of stable materials and is durable too. It will last longer and will stay strong. The platforms are made up of thick boards that add to the sturdiness of this cat tree.

This cat tree is carefully built in a balanced design. It won’t fall over. This is safe for your cats.

It will fit and will look good in any housing area. This comes at an attractive price and is a steal deal.


20. Amazon Basics Cat Tree

Amazon Basics Cat Tree

This large size cat tree comes in a neutral beige shade. The pattern of this cat tree is basic but is enough for any large cat.

It consists of different levels, a condo, suspended jiggly toys, platforms, and a plush lounging area at the top. It also features a ladder and scratching posts for the cat.

This cat tree can easily welcome multiple large cats at a time. The scratching posts on this cat tree are made from jute fiber. It is safe for the cat and it will find it relaxing to scratch its nails over them.

It is built in a lasting construction. It is also durable.

This is climbing furniture for your cat. It will enjoy hopping up and down on it. It will also be your cat’s own mini playground and resting place.

In all, this cat tree will fit in any room easily, is perfect for large cats, stays stable, and will last long. It certainly is a deal that you should not miss.


Factors To Look For When Buying Cat Tree For Large Cats

1. The Size

The size of the cat tree that you plan to buy is something to keep in mind. First of all, consider how many cats you have. If you have more than one large cat, they will require more space to move and rest.

If your big cat likes to stretch its body out while scratching, look for a cat tree with long scratching posts. It will give a comfortable spot to your cat for all her scratching.

If your large cat is active, it will need some platform space to move around. Also, every cat appreciates some attached playthings on the cat tree.

The resting space–whether it is a condo or a plushie–should be big enough to house your large cat.

When it comes to the size of the cat tree, these are all the pointers that you should be mindful of.

2. The Materials

T material with which the cat tree is built is significant. It is because the materials determine the overall quality and durability of any product.

The frame of the cat tree should be built with some sort of strong wood. It should be stable enough to sustain the weight of heavy cats.

Your heavy cat will move and jump on the structure a lot, so looking for a sturdy structure is a must.

3. Added Accessories

If you want to get the best cat tree for large cats, look for one that comes with extra accessories. Look for added accessories like mini playthings, hammocks, etc., while shortlisting a cat tree.

Your cat will likely be spending a lot of time on the cat tree. It is important that you look for one that comes equipped with little things that would keep your feline entertained.

It could be a suspended rope, jiggly balls, play mice, swinging hammocks, etc.; such accessories will make sure that your cat enjoys her time in her new house.

Best Cat Trees For Large Cats – Conclusion

It is not easy to go through a number of cat trees online and select the one that looks ideal. Researching the product and paying attention to little details is extremely important.

After all, it is a matter of providing your precious pet cat a little space of her own. Your cat will require scratching posts and a comfortable space to rest in. The cat tree that you choose for her should be able to fulfill that. Everything beyond that is an added luxury.

We hope that this guide will make the task of picking up the best cat tree for large cats a little less daunting for you.

FAQs on Cat Trees For Large Cats

Qu003cstrongu003e1. Do Cats Actually Use Cat Trees?u003c/strongu003e

Yes, cats like to use cat trees. However, it also depends on what kind of cat tree you get for your cat. It should be the right size, equipped with the right features.

Qu003cstrongu003e2. How Big Of A Cat Tree Should I Get?u003c/strongu003e

The cat tree should be big enough to accommodate your cat comfortably. It ideally should have plenty of space to move around and stretch.

Q3. Can Declawed Cats Still Climb Cat Trees?

Yes, declawed cats can still climb cat trees. Cats have a good ability to jump high and they can use that to reach the heights on a cat tree.

Qu003cstrongu003e4. How Often Should You Replace Cat Trees?u003c/strongu003e

A cat tree, if taken care of properly, should ideally last you a few good years. When you see that the sisal lining on the scratch posts are brutally undone, it would be time to get a new cat tree.