Best Cat Carriers 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Petisfam Soft Pet Carrier Best Cat CarrierPPOGOO Large Pet Travel CarriersPetisfam Top Load Pet Carrier

Cats are one of the most amazing pets we can have. They are hilarious, unpredictable, and unbelievably cute. But getting your cat in a carrier for a vet’s appointment or for a long journey can be very difficult.

Cats can be very anxious. They can get feisty and scared, especially when they have to encounter an alien environment. This is why we should always make sure that they feel comfortable and safe while traveling; no matter how short the trip might be.


Choosing this kind of accessories can be tricky because you have to keep in mind a lot of factors, such as comfort, safety, durability, and so on. Simply going through the reviews does not necessarily give you a proper idea about what may be the best cat carrier for your furry friend.

This is why we are here to help, with a list of the best cat carriers that take care of your cat’s needs as well as your convenience.

We have taken into account all the important factors so that you can find the best cat carrier for your little furry friend. The products simply vary in affordability, design, and more such secondary elements.

Top 16 Best Cat Carriers 2020

1. Petisfam Soft Pet Carrier

Petisfam Soft Pet Carrier Best Cat Carrier

We all know how difficult it is sometimes to get your cat to the vet. They would often not want to get into the carriers or try to get out of it as soon as possible. Petisfam’s pet carrier is escape-proof, so your furry friend can be kept inside the carrier without much fuss.

This soft pet carrier has three doors- two on the sides and one on top. All the doors have zippers, which makes it easy and quick to open and close them. The top opening would allow you to put your cat inside the crate easily, no matter how jumpy they are. The inside is also quite spacious for small to medium-sized cats.

Despite being soft and cozy for cats, the frame of the carrier is very sturdy. The mesh sides make the carrier breathable. It also helps your cats see the outside so that they don’t feel too cooped up. The collapsible design of the bag also makes it very convenient to store when not in use.

Apart from being handy, this carrier also has a luggage attachment and an added strap to attach it to the car seat for your cat’s safety. That carrier is an airline approved as well- it is compatible with Southwest airlines, American Airlines, JetBlue United airlines, Virgin airlines, Alaska air, and more.

Along with carrying handles, the carrier also has an adjustable shoulder strap, which makes it easy to carry. The removable pad on the carrier has a zipper on the end, which makes it very easy to clean as well.

In case you are looking for a carrier at a reasonable price, this chic looking product is one of the best cat carriers.


2. PPOGOO Large Pet Travel Carriers

PPOGOO Large Pet Travel Carriers

If you have a bigger cat, then PPOGOO has the best cat carrier for large cat for you.

The openings on the side of this carrier have zippers that allow swift use. These user-friendly zippers also prevent cats from escaping out of the carrier.

A lot of carriers have flimsy cardboard bottoms which may even get bent if you carry bigger cats in them. This bag, however, has a firmer bottom plate that maintains its original shape, gives stability, and allows your furry friend to be comfortable.

An adjustable strap is attached to this bag, along with the regular handles. This strap balances out the weight and makes it easier to carry your pets. The inside of the carrier is quite spacious for even larger pets. There is an additional small pocket at one side of the bag where you can keep treats or meds or other items for your cat.

This pet carrier is also waterproof, and easy to clean. Having a mesh top and sides, the bag allows good air circulation for your pets; they can also peek outside while being in the bag.

Approved by the airline, this bag is ideal for traveling with your pets. Of course, you can also take them to the vet, or for a visit to a friend’s house using this. Besides, this 2 lbs carrier is foldable and requires very little storage space.


3. Petisfam Top Load Pet Carrier

Petisfam Top Load Pet Carrier

Created by pet-loving designers and trained veterinarians, this Petisfam pet carrier is made to keep your cats safe and comfortable while traveling. Being higher and wider, this carrier can carry medium or large cats or even two kitties. If you have a big cat, this is one of the best cat carriers for you.

Getting your cat into the carrier can be a real struggle. However, these carriers being cat-friendly, your cats will be happy to get into these by themselves. In fact, these can be so comfortable that you might find them sleeping inside these without any prompting. The top entrance makes it easy to put your cat into the carrier.

Plastic carriers might be sturdy, but they are not as comfortable for your cats. Petisfam’s carriers are sturdy and durable, and comfortable for your pets at the same time. The firm bottom plate keeps your pets relaxed; while the metal frame lets the carrier hold its shape. The doors on the carrier have zippers that are escape-proof and keep your cat safely inside the bag while traveling.

The lightweight (only 2.3 lbs) frame of the carrier and the adjustable shoulder strap makes it easy for the owners to carry it around. It also has a strap so that you can safely attach the carrier to the car seat while driving, and keep your cats safe.

Lastly, you can simply unzip the bag and it can be folded into a small flat package, which takes up very little storage space. The all-mesh body provides your cats with a lot of ventilation while they are in the carrier.


4. Petisfam Large Cat Carrier

Petisfam Large Cat Carrier

We need bigger and sturdier carriers for bigger cats. If you are looking for such a bag, Petisfam has the best cat carrier for a large cat at a slightly higher, but reasonable price.

Measuring 12x12x17 inches, this carrier is higher and wider than most other options. The large size of the carrier is spacious enough for both medium-sized and large cats.

The sturdy frame and the firm bottom plate help the carrier maintain its shape. Despite being firm, however, the inside is soft and cozy and will keep your fur babies comfortable.

Putting cats into carriers can be an actual battle that might end up with you getting a bunch of scratches. However, this carrier has a top-load door, which allows you to put your cat inside it quite effortlessly. Designed for your pets’ comfort, you might even find them happy to go in the bag by themselves.

The doors on the carrier have zippers that make it escape-proof, so you don’t have to run around because your cat has escaped at the vet’s or at the airport. The product itself weighing only 2.38 lbs makes it easy for the owners to carry, especially if they have a bigger cat. The adjustable shoulder strap also helps you carry the bag easily.

The adjacent strap on the carrier helps you attach it to the car seat which keeps your cat safe while driving. Being collapsible, storing this carrier does not take up much space either.


5. Henkelion Cat Carriers

Henkelion Cat Carriers

Hankelion’s cat carrier comes in various colors and two different sizes- medium and large-, so you can buy the correct size for your pet.
Designed for maximum safety for your pets, this bag comes with two connecting loop handles for balanced carrying. They can also be used as dual seat belts or luggage straps for secure transport.

The padded and adjustable shoulder strap allows the comfortable hands-free carrying of the carrier. All these features together make this the safest and convenient carrier bag for traveling.

Speaking of traveling, the carrier is airline-approved’ you can take your cats with you while traveling without worrying too much about their safety.
Made of durable and lightweight polyester fabric, the carrier is waterproof. Is it raining? Well, you don’t have to worry about taking your cat to the vet.

he four-sided mesh design provides ventilation and comfort to your pets. It will also allow you to check on them easily. The cozy fleece bed provided inside the carrier is completely removable and washable in the machine. The top door adds to the ease in the process of cleaning the bag.


6. Sport Pet Foldable Travel Cat Carrier

Sport Pet Foldable Travel Cat Carrier

Sport Pet’s foldable cat carrier has a patented and original wide-side-opening door. This carrier is not like a bag but instead is made of the quality and durable material. Incredibly sturdy, the carrier is comfortable for your pets as well.

The carrier is roomy enough for a medium-sized cat to be comfortable and even move around quite a bit. In addition to the carrier, a thick fleece pet bed made of ultra-soft synthetic fur is provided, so your cats can take naps comfortably while you’re traveling. The slanted opening door makes it very convenient for cat owners. You do not need to drag them out or lift them up.

The door of the carrier opens up enough space inside to clean it easily. Additionally, it folds into a compact size similar to that of a briefcase that would take up very little space for storage when not in use. It is also quite simple to put it together before you begin using the carrier.

The door has a simple fool-proof lock. Closing with a simple click, you do not have to struggle with putting your reluctant cat inside it. The carrier has a wide door is very easy to clean up; the fleece mat provided is also washable.

Having slits on all sides, the carrier is extremely air-circulating, so that your cats can stay in comfortably. No matter if you are going on an adventure with your furry friend, or simply to the vet, this carrier will be comfortable for them and for you.


7. Morpilot Pet Travel Carrier Bag

Morpilot Pet Travel Carrier Bag

Available at an extremely reasonable price, Morpilot’s cat carrier can carry up to 16 lbs and is perfect for small or medium-sized cats. The added bonus of a free folding blue bowl and a soft cushion make it one of the best cat carriers.

Made of durable grade polyester, this carrier is sturdy, with a firm bottom plate and maintains its shape, while simultaneously keeping your cats comfortable. The breathable mesh on three sides of the bag allows good ventilation for your pets. The extra fuzzy lining inside the bag keeps your cats warm and comfortable as well.

The cushion provided is soft and cozy, and has a Velcro strip underneath, which keeps the bed in place while you are carrying the bag. It is also removable and washable by hand or by machine. Not to mention, it has a waterproof inside which makes it even easier to wash.

Being lightweight, you can carry it effortlessly. The leather handles and the soft but sturdy adjustable strap make traveling with this bag even more painless. You can carry it like a tote bag or a shoulder bag with the adjustable strap.

The carrier is airline-approved; neither the pet nor the owner would face any inconvenience with this carrier while traveling. You can be assured that your cats would be safe and happy in this cat carrier.


8. AmazonBasics Two-Door Pet Travel Carrier

AmazonBasics Two-Door Pet Travel Carrier

AmazonBasics simple pet crate is the best pet carrier for cats if you want a hard-sided one at an affordable price.

This cat carrier comes in two sizes so that you can buy according to your needs. The smaller ones (19 inches) holds up to 12 lbs, which is ideal for small and average-sized cats, while the bigger one (23 inches) holds up to a whopping 25 lbs.

It has two doors- one on the side and one on top. The latter allows easy loading of your pets inside the carrier. The top door also features a handle and latches to open to the left or right, as per your convenience.

A lot of cats feel more comfortable inside carriers with more structural integrity such as sturdy boxes, instead of bags. This carrier is really well designed for such cats. The body of the carrier is firm and durable heavy-duty plastic. The door on the side is made of steel wire and features a spring-loaded latch that allows smooth opening and closing of the door.

The carrier has to be put together once before you start using it with the help of the provided instructions. Guess what the best part is? You need no extra tools! Once put together, the carrier is extremely secure. It also comes with additional screws and bolts, if you want an even more secure and permanent assembly.

We already know how much cats love boxes. Just put a comfortable rug inside the box for her and she will start sleeping in it before you can even plan the appointment with the vet.


9. AmazonBasics Folding Metal Pet Crate

AmazonBasics Folding Metal Pet Crate

Here is a classic pet carrier with some interesting added features for your convenience. It comes in various sizes, but the 30 inches one is suitable enough for average-sized cats. They can move freely and comfortably inside the crate while traveling.

The body of the crate is constructed with sturdy metal which ensures durability. There are no sharp edges on the crate so your cats will not hurt themselves. The carrier is collapsible and folds flat, thus taking up very little storage space. It is also available with single or double doors; you can choose according to your needs.

An instruction booklet is provided to help the user assemble the crate before use. Putting it together is extremely easy and takes only a few minutes.

The crate uses two slide-bolt door latches as locks that are pet-proof and very safe to use. Being designed with mini dividers on the bottom perimeter, the crate will keep paws from slipping through. An optional divider panel is also provided if the cat-owner needs it for any reason.

The composite plastic pan included with the crate is removable. Made with quality material, the tray is tough and can hold up a lot of weight. The removability makes the tray very easy to clean as well.

This crate is perhaps the best cat carrier if you are looking for a lot of air ventilation for your fur baby. Cats often feel very safe and comfortable in small spaces. This sturdy metal crate will provide absolute security to them while traveling, no matter how unpleasant they find the destination at the vets. Simply toss a comfortable pet-bed inside, and your cat will feel at home.


10. AmazonBasics Pet Travel Carrier

AmazonBasics Pet Travel Carrier

Available in small, medium, and large sizes, Amazonbasics’ pet carrier is one of the best cat carriers for carrying your pets around.

The bag of the small size can carry up to 8 lbs and is suitable for smaller cats or kittens mostly. Especially for small cats, a big carrier or boxes are redundant and often uncomfortable for both cat parents and cats.

This carrier is elongated, so cats can move around inside. The adjustable luggage strap allows cat owners to carry their pets effortlessly. It is also provided with two connecting loop handles for balanced carrying.

You can attach this bag easily to your car seat with the seatbelt on the bag itself. It will ensure your cat’s safety, and will also make them feel more secure while the car is moving. Apart from a side opening, this carrier has a top opening that allows for effortless loading for your pets.

The mesh ventilation on all four sides of the carrier not only provides your pet with good ventilation but also lets you keep an eye on them. The bag also comes with a removable base insert, which is sturdy and can make cats feel more secure. The inside of the bag is soft creates a comfortable little home for your furry friends during trips.

As an added bonus, a detachable fleece pet bed is provided with the carrier. The bed is soft and cozy will make for comfortable sleeping space for your cat. The bed can be washed by either hand or machine, as per the owner’s convenience.

The carrier features a spring wire frame that can be conformed to the under-seat dimensions of most airlines. For your next trip, you don’t have to leave your little buddy behind at home or in cargo.


11. Petmate Two Door Top Load Carrier

Petmate Two Door Top Load Carrier

Measuring 19 inches, Petmate’s pet carrier can hold up to 20 lbs. Made of premium material the body of the crate is tough and durable. The two grated steel doors feature an easy-squeeze latch to open the doors conveniently and a comfort-grip handle.

The top entry door helps in the easy loading of your pets. It also allows more light in and makes the carrier feel more open and cozy instead of a small cramped compartment. All the sides are ventilated for the comfort of your cats.

Cats often love enclosed spaces which make them feel secure. This plastic kennel satisfies their instinctual desires to feel snug and comfortable by giving their own little home. This carrier by Petmate also minimizes the number of sharp edges both inside and outside, providing a safe and welcoming place for your fur baby to rest.

Petmate’s carrier meets most airline cargo specifications, making it air travel approved. You do not have to leave your best bud behind for the next trip. Having a carrying capacity of 20 lbs, this crate can carry small or medium-sized cats easily. In fact, if you choose the slightly larger version of this carrier, larger cats would have enough space to move around.

You can simply toss in a comfy fleece bed inside the carrier, and they will find their perfect little traveling den. Available in various sizes, this is the best pet carrier for cats with a high value for its price.


12. Midwest Spree Travel Pet Carrier

Midwest Spree Travel Pet Carrier

If you want a hard-sided pet carrier for short trips Midwest had a quality product costing under $25 for you.

Unlike other hard carriers, this one does not require a tedious effort for its assembly. You can simply put it together in 5 easy steps without the assistance of any other tools.

Made with quality, easy-to-clean plastic, the carrier is sturdy and durable. The built-in handle on the top of the carrier makes it easy for you to carry your fur baby around.

The carrier is available in three colors- red, blue and green, and various sizes. The 22 inch one is suitable for small or medium-sized cats. If you have a larger cat, the 24-inch one might be the perfect one for you.

Buying an airline-approved carrier at a higher price is unnecessary if you do not need to travel as much or take your cat with you. Midwest’s Spree carrier is the best cat carrier for short trips to the vet or the pet store.

Ergonomically built to have no sharp edges, the carrier will be very comfortable for your little friends. The slits on all sides of the body allow good air circulation inside the carrier and also lets you check on them from time to time without having to open it up.

Before you judge the quality of this product by its price, we must mention that the manufacturers provide a 1 year warranty period on this carrier. You do not need to spend too much money on more expensive air travel approved carriers if you don’t need them. This is the best option at an incredibly reasonable price for you.


13. Pet Magasin Airline Approved Cat Carrier

Pet Magasin Airline Approved Cat Carrier

Do you want a quality airline-approved cat carrier at a cheap price? Well, we got you. Pet Magasin has one of the best cat carriers for airline travels at an amazingly reasonable price.

Available in various colors, this soft-sided carrier is ideally sized for small or average-sized cats. It can even hold up to 15-16 lbs at a time. It might be a soft-sided carrier, but don’t fret about your pet’s safety! Constructed to keep your cats secure, the carrier holds its shape properly once you zip up all the panels.

Made with durable and plush material, the inside of the carrier has soft padding which creates a warm and cozy little home for your little friend. The mesh windows on the three sides of the bag allow enough ventilation, while the rest of the cover can give them more privacy and a sense of security simultaneously.

Weighing only 2.2 lbs, the carrier is light and easy for you to carry. Apart from the regular carrying handle, the adjustable strap provided would ensure easy hands-free carrying. There is also a little seat belt inside the carrier for your furry friend. How cute is that?

The body of the carrier is made of waterproof material, so carrying your pet even while it is raining, would not be difficult. The waterproof quality of the carrier also makes it very easy to clean.

If you have a feisty little cat, you might be worried about the sturdiness of the product. Despite being a soft-sided carrier, its entire body is tough enough to be resistant to animal bites.

An added little bonus is the extra elastic pocket on the carrier to store treats.


14. Pet Magasin Airline Approved Cat Carrier

Pet Magasin Airline Approved Cat Carrier

This carrier is a chic version of the last carrier which looks rather sporty. Holding up to 8-10 lbs, this bag is more suited to relatively smaller cats. But don’t fret; it also comes in a larger size.

Incredibly easy to set up, this carrier is collapsible and flexible. It would take up very little storage space, everywhere. The three entrances- two on the side and one on top, make it very easy to get your pet in or out of the carrier. The zippers on the doors are lockable, making them escape-proof. The body of the carrier is water-resistant, making it easy to carry when it rains or snows.

The carrier is provided with handles to carry it by hand. The shoulder strap allows an easier way to carry it around. There are multiple little pockets on the bag where you can keep treats, toys, and other essentials for your cats. There is also a little bone-shaped name tag on the bag waiting to be filled in with the name of your cat.

The seat belt loops attached to the carrier allows you to buckle your cat and the carrier into the car seat, ensuring your cat’s safety while traveling. The reflective strips on the body provide safety by letting you locate the carrier easily in the darkness.

The mess windows provide ventilation to the cats. But being sturdy, the mesh can survive cat claws, without hurting your cats. A little opening at the back of the bag allows you to comfort your pets and keep them calm during the journey. It can also serve as an open little window for your cat.

The carrier also comes with a cozy fleece pad where your furry friends can rest and relax throughout the journey. Considering every little feature that it has, this product is certainly the best cat carrier at its price.

There is also a 100% money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the quality of the product. However, we do not think you would have any complaint about this incredible little carrier.


15. MASKEYON Airline Approved Pet Carrier

MASKEYON Airline Approved Pet Carrier

Maskeyon has the best cat carrier for a large cats, and the carrier is worth every penny of its price.

If you have a bigger cat, it is difficult to lug around an even bigger carrier. Those are often heavy and do not even provide enough comfort for your little buddy. This is why a lightweight and flexible (expandable and collapsible) carrier would meet your requirement the best.

With a holding capacity of a whopping 20 lbs, this soft-sided carrier can be expanded on all four sides to give your cat a much larger space to move around. The firm bottom plate and the sturdy frame with steel strands added into it provide the carrier strong structural integrity. It also ensures that the bag can hold a lot of weight without getting bent.

Once you expand the four sides, it creates a little mesh-walled nest for your cat. And it would provide enough room for all cats to move about, stretch and relax peacefully. The all-mesh walls, after expansion, provides excellent air circulation.

The carrier featured two front pockets and one side pocket. You can store treats, toys, and other essential accessories in those.

The top handles on the bag let you carry it by hand. The adjustable shoulder strap allows hands-free carrying. You can also secure the carrier in your car using seat belts for the security of your pet during car rides. Being airline approved, this carrier can also be used to take your cats on air travels.

The cozy mat that comes with the bag is detachable and can be even machine-washed. You simply have to unzip the carrier in order to clean it thoroughly. Additionally, this expandable carrier can also be folded into a small package that takes up very little storage space.


16. Siivton Airline Approved Pet Carrier

Siivton Airline Approved Pet Carrier

If you want a four-way expandable carrier for your not-so-large cat, you have to look no further. Siivton has one of the best cat carriers for small and medium sized cats.

Equipped with Oxford and high-density EVA boards for protection, this carrier is sturdy and maintains its structure properly. This can make cats feel very secure while they are inside the carrier. In order to expand it, you simply need to unzip the four sides. It would create a spacious little home for your furry friend, anywhere, and anytime.

Once expanded, the carrier would make your cats feel more comfortable, let them move about freely, and reduce the anxiety of confinement. The expandable parts being made of mesh would allow plenty of ventilation.
Cats with separation anxiety would specifically benefit a lot from this since they would be able to see their owners through the mess walls without any difficulty.

With all the handles and straps on this bag, you can wear it over your shoulder, place it atop your luggage, carry it using the top handle, or secure it in the car with seatbelts. With the zippers on all the entrances, you can get your fur-ball in and out of the carrier with the utmost ease. The cozy fleece mat provided with the bag is removable and can be machine-washed.

An expandable carrier is the best option if you need to travel a long distance with your cat. This carrier is airline approved. Being very spacious, it will keep your cat from feeling too cooped up during longer flight durations.


Factors To Consider

Now that we have discussed the products, we have to look into the factors that you must consider if you want to buy the best cat carrier for your little friend.

1. Comfort

Cats can get frightened or anxious quite easily. It is of paramount importance to make them feel safe with whatever carrier you are using. Soft bag-like carriers with mesh sides work really well with most cats.

Box-like carriers can make some cats feel more protected. You can simply place a soft blanket or a cat bed inside the crate. It would help cats feel cozy and safe. Covering the carrier with a towel might also help if your cat feels anxious in an unknown environment.

Additionally, you can try getting your cat acquainted with the carrier before you start using it. Simply set it up, make a soft bed inside the crate, throw some treats in there and your cat might start even resting or sleeping there by himself.

2. Ventilation

When you buy a carrier, do make sure that it provides good ventilation for your pet. Mesh-sided soft carriers or crates with enough slits will provide good air circulation for the cats inhabiting inside it.

3. Ease To Load

We love cats, even though they are often not the most tamable pets. They can get scared very easily, which might make them antsy or aggressive when you try to put them inside the carrier. Carriers with top doors can really help you load them easily. However, if you let them be acquainted with the carriers beforehand, it can make the process much simpler.

4. Size And Weight

How comfortable your cat will feel in a carrier often depends upon the size of the carrier. If it is twice as big as your cat, he or she will be able to move around and relax comfortably in it.

If the carrier is lightweight, it would help the cat parents to carry their cats around quite effortlessly.

5. Durability

Durability matters for any product you buy. In the case of carriers, durability does not depend on whether the carrier is a bag or a crate. If the carrier is sturdy, can be used roughly, and makes your cat feel comfortable, it is going to last a long time.

6. Safety

Your pet’s safety is of utmost importance, no matter what product you are buying for them. Bag-like carriers with adjustable straps that can be used as a seat belt make car rides safer for your cat. If you are buying a crate, make sure there are no sharp edges where they can hurt themselves or get their claws stuck.

Additionally, as we already mentioned, putting a soft bed inside the carrier and covering it with a cloth can make your little friend feel much more secure.

7. Price

Cat carriers being an investment, it is important that you buy the product at the right price. Price tags do not necessarily reflect the quality of products. You simply have to make sure that the value for the cost of the product is high, no matter which one you buy.

Best Cat Carriers – Summing Up

We care about your pets as much as we care about you. So, ongoing through the products, you have surely noted that all the factors have been considered for each and every carrier. They simply vary in secondary features, and we hope anyone of them can serve you well.

Every cat is unique in their own little ways. They have specific fears and anxieties. However, we hope no matter what you buy, your furry friend will find a safe and comfortable little haven in their carrier.

FAQs on Cat Carriers

Qu003cstrongu003e1. Do Cats Prefer Hard Or Soft Carriers?u003c/strongu003e

It really varies from one cat to another. Usually, they might prefer a soft one, but some cats might feel more secure in hard boxes like carriers. If the one you are using is tough and sturdy, you can put a soft bed mat inside the carrier for your cat.

Qu003cstrongu003e2. How Do I Choose A Cat Carrier?u003c/strongu003e

The size of the carrier matters a lot. Any crate or bag which has a space of 1.5 times the size of your cat might be enough for them to feel comfortable and safe.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eIf you take care of all the factors we discussed initially while buying a carrier, it will surely be a good one for both you and your furry friend.

Qu003cstrongu003e3. Should You Cover A Cat Carrier?u003c/strongu003e

Cats tend to hide when they are anxious or frightened. If traveling is new for your cats, then covering the carrier with a blanket or towel will make them feel safe and relaxed.

Qu003cstrongu003e4. What Is The Safest Cat Carrier?u003c/strongu003e

When it comes to safety you have to make sure of a few things.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eBag-like carriers: if they have an adjustable strap that can be used as a seatbelt, car rides are going to be very safe for your cat.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eCreate-like carriers: You have to make sure that there are no sharp edges where they can hurt themselves, and that the locks are fool-proof so that they will not simply jump out of the carrier if they feel antsy.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eCarriers can feel scary for cats. If you make sure that they are comfortable, using a soft cat bed or covering the carrier itself, hopefully, you will be alright.u003cbru003e

Qu003cstrongu003e5. Do You Need A Cat Carrier To Go To The Vet?u003c/strongu003e

Vets do not usually allow you to take your pets without a carrier because there are other animals present there, which can become a total pandemonium in no time.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eLeashes do work at times, but most cats feel uncomfortable with those. Besides, they might also be scared of the alien environment if it is their first time. So the best option, if you are taking your cat to the vet, is to use a cat carrier.