Tabby Cats

Tabby cats are adorable but do you know that Tabby cats are not actually a specific breed. The pattern itself is what’s known as “tabby” and this is common in all breeds of domestic cats.

Most tabby cats have broad lines that run from their necks to their tails. This pattern can be somewhat different in other cats but you can still easily recognize it in any cat.

If you are planning to adopt a cat with a tabby coat then it is important that you find out what breed the cat is. Like we said above, tabby is not the breed but the coat pattern itself. So not all tabby cats will behave the same which is why you should know the actual breed of the cat that you decide to adopt.

Once you have done that , it is time to move on to getting the essential items that a cat needs. These will not only be good for the cat but will also help you out as a cat owner.

Some of these include the best cat trees and best automatic cat feeders (for when you might be out the house!).