Why Are Maine Coon Cats So Popular?

Why Are Maine Coon Cats So Popular?

Along with many other breeds (and species of pets), Maine Coon cats enjoyed a surge of popularity during the pandemic lockdowns.

Domestic pets, in general, saw an increase in popularity due to people wanting to bring some companionship to their isolation, but since Maine Coon cats were already popular, they became even more popular.

But why are Maine Coon cats so beloved by humans?

Why are Maine Coon cats so popular?

It’s hard to pin down a short answer for this because cat lovers everywhere will have slightly different ones. But it generally boils down to the fact they are large, soft, playful cats who love to be around people and animals and are chatty. And really, those are all excellent reasons to adopt a cat, particularly the gentle giant the Maine Coon.

The Lovely Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon cats are popular firstly because of their appearance. These are the largest of the domestic cats and with their tufted ears and massive fluffy tails, they are beautiful to behold.

They also have very soft, fluffy coats and a lion’s mane ruff which makes them great fun to cuddle and striking to look at.

They also come in a huge range of coat colors and patterns so that every Maine Coon is unique.

Maine Coons are also relatively easy to take care of – their coats may be long, but they are usually fine with weekly brushing, and since they generally enjoy water, you may even be able to give them a bath if they become grubby from getting into something.

Certainly, their size and beauty make Maine Coon cats quite popular. But what else? After all, Persians can be quite lovely too, but their popularity has been waning (largely due to health issues) and Bengals are large, but you don’t see people clamoring for them! So what else is there?

The Maine Coon Personality

One of the most popular things about the Maine Coon cat is not only its appearance but its personality too. Called “Gentle Giants”, Maine Coons are noteworthy for their incredible sociability and the affection they show others, both humans and other animals.

Maine Coon cats are noteworthy for enjoying time spent with their humans, children, and even other animals. They tend to get along well with other cats and even dogs.

They can also be taught how to play fetch, walk on a leash, and do other tricks. They are intelligent cats who enjoy learning new things and enjoy watching what their humans are doing.

Maine Coon cats enjoy playing with toys, other animals, children, their humans, their humans’ belongings, and even their own tails. They are quite entertaining to watch as a result, and even more entertaining to play with.

Maine Coon cats are also very vocal cats who have a whole range of communication noises from purrs and meows to trills and chirps.

They like ‘talking’ to their humans and will often chatter about their days and try to narrate what you’re doing. This makes them great companion animals, for both single people and families with children.

The Dogs of the Cat World?

Why Are Maine Coon Cats So Popular?Although most cats would probably not dignify that with an answer, Maine Coon cats are also known as the ‘dogs’ of the cat world. This is because they are very loyal cats who are affectionate with their owners and enjoy spending time with them.

They like to hang out with you while you’re doing things, though they don’t generally climb into laps (probably a good thing considering how large they are!).

The fact that they can be trained to do things like walk on a leash and play fetch cement this reputation even further.

So, if you cannot get a dog for whatever reason, maybe look at getting a Maine Coon cat instead!

What Kind of Household is Best for Maine Coon Cats?

Maine Coon cats are incredibly popular, but that doesn’t mean they are right for everyone. Maine Coons do best in a home where they can get plenty of attention from their people and where they have the room to play.

They will need toys, do well with puzzle toys, and will definitely follow you around throughout the day.

Maine Coon cats also do well with other animals, so if the house is going to be empty for long periods of time, it’s a good idea to make sure your Maine Coon has a buddy to hang out with so that they don’t get lonely.


Maine Coon cats are incredibly popular pets. They are fluffy and large cats who are incredibly sociable and vocal. They like other people and other animals, enjoy playing with toys and puzzles and are very trainable.

If you’re looking for a large cat who loves being around people and learning new things, it’s pretty hard to beat a Maine Coon cat. Plus they are absolutely stunning to look at!

Have you ever been, erm, owned by a Maine Coon cat? Did your cat live up to the breed hype?