Do Maine Coon Cats Get Along With Other Cats?

Do Maine Coon Cats Get Along With Other Cats?

Cats are like potato chips – you can’t have just one! Maybe it’s just me (it’s not…), but a house just isn’t quite full until there are two cats running and loafing around.

But having two cats has its own issues, especially when it comes to introducing the new cat to the first one. Cats tend to be solitary and territorial, so introducing a new cat to the mix can be fraught with tension.

But not all cats are ‘built equal’, as it were. Maine Coons have a reputation for being friendly and gentle with humans and other animals. Does this reputation extend to meeting new cats?

Do Maine Coons Get along with other cats?

Short answer: Generally speaking, yes. Maine Coons can look intimidating, but these giants are usually pretty friendly, laid back, and happy to let another cat take the role of alpha, which will usually make the other cat happy!

That being said, there are some ways you can make the transition easier on both cats.

Making Proper Introductions with a Maine Coon Cat

No matter what breed your cat is, it’s important to make the proper introductions to prevent fighting and bad feelings.

It mostly takes patience, treats, and more patience, but here are some tips to make it all a bit easier to deal with:

  • The younger the new cat is, the better. Young Maine Coon cats are less set in their ways and easier to train.
  • But sometimes you are bringing home an adult! The more socialized a cat is at an early age, the easier the transition to having a cat buddy will be for everyone
  • Introduce the cats very slowly. If possible, keep the two cats in different rooms for a while and let them smell each other’s scent on things like blankets or toys. As they get to know each other’s scent, they will get more accustomed to one another.
  • Let them have food and treats at the same time and close to one other (like with a door separating them). This lets them associate each other with their favorite treats, creating a positive impression. You can also use a baby gate to separate them so they can see each other, but still, be kept separated.
  • Slowly let them hang out together with close supervision and then as they get more and more accustomed, you can ease off on the supervision.

Not all cats will get bonded or become best friends, but with some time, they generally manage to tolerate one another.

Living with a Maine Coon and its Plus One

If you have two cats (or more), it’s very important for each cat to have their own food and water bowl, their own toys, and their own litter box.

A good rule of thumb is to have a litter box for each cat, plus an extra one, to keep them all comfortable so they don’t feel like they have to fight for resources. They should also have their own perches and safe spots where they can hide when they don’t feel like being around each other.

Maine Coons are very sociable animals, but even they will be much happier with a separate space, their own food and water, and their own litter box. And of course, the other cat will be much happier with their own things too!

How Aggressive are Maine Coons?

Maine Coons, despite their size, are not aggressive. They are vocal, they are large, and they are fairly strong, but they would much rather be friendly than aggressive.

An aggressive Maine Coon usually has an underlying health condition or a trauma that is causing it, so it may be a good idea to talk to a vet and get things ruled out.

Male cats tend to be the most sociable while females act more like ‘cats’ in that they tend to be more aloof. But they are still not what anyone would call aggressive; they just take longer to warm up compared to males.

In either event, though, it’s still important to make the introductions slowly, carefully, and with a lot of treats and patience!

Breeds That Get Along Best With Other Cats

Some breeds are simply better at getting along with others than other cats. The best cats to get along with Maine Coons are:

  • Siberians
  • Persians
  • Abyssinians
  • Siamese
  • Birmans
  • Ragdolls
  • And of course, other Maine Coons, particularly if they are littermates

These breeds are good because they tend to be friendly, inquisitive, and laid back rather than difficult or prickly.

Advantages of Having Two Cats

Although it’s a process to get a Maine Coon and another cat to get along, there are advantages to it, for both the Coon and the other cat.

Two cats, once they get along, tend to have less separation anxiety and a stronger relationship with their owners, family, and the other cat. Two cats can also entertain each other, preventing boredom and giving them more mental stimulation throughout the day (and usually at night, which can get pretty noisy…).

They don’t suffer from as much loneliness and tend to be more mentally balanced. Maine Coons who are bored and lonely are more likely to exhibit behavioral problems like biting and clawing. It also gives both cats the chance to get more exercise, which prevents obesity and helps prevent other health issues like diabetes and memory problems.

Do Maine Coon Cats Get Along With Other Cats?

Cats that end up bonding are even closer and can help each other deal with loneliness or sudden life changes like moving. But even if they don’t end up bonding, cats that are simply friendly with one another can still benefit from having each other around.

I have never had a bonded pair of cats before, but my pairs of cats have generally gotten along, and it has definitely helped their health.


Maine Coons certainly can get along with other cats. They are laid back, friendly, and not aggressive, so introductions, as long as they are done thoughtfully, tend to be pretty drama free.

And Maine Coons do better with another cat around, once they get used to each other, as it reduces many health problems and gives them mental and physical stimulation. If you have the space and resources to support two cats, it’s definitely not a bad idea to have two!

Do you have a Maine Coon and a buddy? How did introductions go and how are they doing now?