Cat Myths

If you are someone who is interested in cats and wants to become a cat owner then it is highly likely that you have heard many cat myths over the years. These could range from things like the common “Cats Have Nine Lives” saying. It could also be something like the belief that declawing does not hurt a cat. Note: It does hurt a cat. But anesthetics help.

Some myths also go as far as saying “A cat will always land on its feet”. This is absolutely not true. Of course you will find that falling cats tend to land on their feet. That however, does not mean that they always do.

If you are someone who is planning to own a cat then there are some important things to first consider. The breed, the kind of accessories you will need for your cat such as a cat tree and then last but not the least – knowing what’s real and what’s a myth.

As a cat owner you don’t want to treat your little feline friend the wrong way because you had a wrong idea based on some myth. So, figure out what the common cat myths are and become a happy cat owner. Enjoy!