Best Cat Trees 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Hilarious, unpredictable, and unbelievably cute, cats are one of the most amazing pets we can have. Even though we can mostly find cats napping, they can be chaotic balls of energy.

Cat trees serve all the purposes for your cats- climbing, scratching, and relaxing. But picking the best cat tree for your felines can be tricky. There are too many options on the internet and a countless number of reviews about this kind of accessories.


But don’t worry. We have listed a bunch of cat trees accounting for different needs of different families. Moving from simpler to more complex cat towers, we have tried to cover all kinds of products.

No matter if you have one or more small or large cats, we hope you find the right cat tree for your furry friends.

Top 19 Best Cat Trees 2020

1. Furhaven Pet Tall Cat Tree

Furhaven Pet Tall Cat Tree Best Cat Trees

Cats might seem to be the laziest indoor pets, but even they need exercise and mental stimulation. A cat tree is ideal for providing them with an opportunity to let their stress out and have fun.

However, Furhaven’s cat tree will give your cat more than the basic exercise. Featuring fun activities, such as scratching posts, a plush ball toy, and an engaging cat IQ box, this cat condo will keep your cats both entertained and relaxed for hours at a stretch.

Most cats have an instinctual need to scratch things. And if not given the right stuff, they will probably scratch your couch, mats, and anything they like. The scratching posts on this cat tree are wrapped in sisal fiber, which has the rough, bark-like texture of a tree to satisfy your feline’s need to scratch.

The platforms on the tree being lined with plush faux fur, luxuriously soft, and gentle on your cat’s paws and nose, ensure optimum comfort for them. The perch on top of the tower provides your cats with a cozy little nestling space where they can curl up and sleep peacefully.


2. AmazonBasics Cat Tree

AmazonBasics Cat Tree

A lot of cats might not like overly complicated cat condos. AmazonBasics budget-friendly option is one of the best cat towers if you are looking for something on the simpler side.

Available in various designs, this cat tree is neither too big nor too small. The specific design we chose has two platforms, a hanging toy, a condo on the first floor, and a small ladder leading up to the condo. If you have an older cat, the ladder might help him/her climb and relax in the condo more conveniently.

The multiple platforms on the tree have soft carpeting on them. The posts are wrapped in natural jute fiber ropes. Your furry friend can wreak total havoc on these, and your furniture and carpets will stay safe from their claws as well.

With simple instructions and no additional tools, you can assemble the cat tree with minimal effort. The tree is sturdy and can survive very frequent and rough use.


3. FEANDREA Cat Tree


For those who want a compact and simple option, Feandrea has the best cat tree for them.

Consisting of a spacious condo with two doors, a basket lounger, a top perch, a scratching ramp, and a cat toy, this compact cat tree is ideal for one adult cat or multiple kittens. The scratching ramp made of quality fiber, will satisfy their instinctual needs, and act as a ladder to climb into the condo.

The tree is covered with plush and velvety material; cats would find it extremely cozy. The round corners of this well-padded tree make sure that your cats do not get hurt. The tree being compact is not overwhelming in small spaces.

Constructed with high-quality engineered wood, the cat tower is extremely stable and tough. The reinforced base plate adds to the tower’s sturdiness and makes sure that your furry friends are safe on it.

Incredibly easy to assemble, this product is reasonably priced as well.


4. Akarden Cat Tree

Akarden Cat Tree

Arakden has one of the best cat condos for large cats and small spaces.
The stability of cat trees often becomes an issue if you have one or more large felines. This small but stable cat tree made out of quality engineered wood and reinforced base plate can keep up with all the chaotic energy of your furry friends.

Complete with two spacious condos, an extra-large top perch, a cat toy, a ramp, and a scratching pole, this compact cat condo will fulfill all their needs. The ramp is also covered in sisal-fiber ropes like the post; it will act as a scratching platform as well as a ladder for your little one.

The extra-large perch has a raised cushion rim so that your fluffy felines will be not only comfortable but also safe on top of this tree. The cozy hideaway condos are roomy enough for cats to curl up and snooze without interruptions.


5. Amazonbasics Cat Hammock

Amazonbasics Cat Hammock

If you do not need a huge and complicated cat tree, then Amazonbasics has a very simple budget-friendly option that will take care of your furry friend’s basic scratching and lounging needs.

This simple tree has a baseboard, a plush hammock, two scratching posts, and a plush toy. The baseboard is strong and keeps the tree stable. It also has a soft lining so that your cats can easily lounge there. Being cushioned with ultra-soft fabric, the plush hammock will act as a cozy little nest where cats can curl up and nap.

If your cats are restless, scratching-machines, who are destroying all your furniture, this cat tree might just be perfect for you. The scratching posts will sharpen their claws and keep them away from your couch and curtains. The interactive toy will also keep them busy.

Constructed with premium wood, you can trust the product to be sturdy and well-balanced. This cat tree is the easiest one to assemble in our entire list.

This is the best cat tree for those who do not have a lot of room to accommodate huge cat furniture and have one or two cats.


6. Hey-brother Multi-Level Cat Tree

Hey-brother Multi-Level Cat Tree

If you cannot accommodate big cat trees at your place, Hey-Brother has the best cat condo to spoil your fur babies.

This 38” cat tree might be smaller than most, but it has all the essential features that make it one of the best cat trees in our list. The tree’s lounging spots include 2 top perches, 2 hanging basket loungers,and a spacious condo at the base.

Cushioned with thick, plush fabric, an entire tree is a welcoming place for your cats to get cozy and relax. The hanging baskets are especially cozy and snug. Your cats can get some exercise by scratching the sisal-fiber-covered posts as much as they would like.

Constructed to be sturdy, this cat tree is supported by tough sisal-covered posts and a heavy base plate. It is also equipped with an anti-tip kit if you want extra stability. Both kittens and senior cats would find it very convenient to climb up and down on this short and stable cat tree.


7. Furhaven Pet Cat Tree

Furhaven Pet Cat Tree

If you need a cat tree mostly for your feline’s scratching and playing needs, Furhaven has one of the best cat trees for you.

This cat table playground consists of 2 roomy condos, scratching posts, and numerous interactive toys. The bark-like texture of the fiber ropes covering the posts will give your cat immense satisfaction.

While they can indeed rest on the platforms and inside the hiding caves, they will probably be more engaged in playing with the plush balls. The entire tree is covered in soft faux fur to keep them cozy.

Extremely easy to assemble and clean, the cat tree comes with a 90-day coverage against material defects. If you have feisty little cats filled with chaotic energy, this tree is the right choice to get some healthy exercise.


8. AmazonBasics Multi-Level Cat Tree

AmazonBasics Multi-Level Cat Tree

AmazonBasics’ multi-level cat tree is one of the best cat trees for cats of all sizes.

This simple cat tree consists of 4 platforms, 2 toys, and a comfy and spacious condo. Ergonomically built, this cat tree will take care of cats’ climbing and scratching needs, simultaneously giving them a comfortable place to relax.

The perching platforms will make them feel royal (as if they don’t feel that way already). The condo will provide them with a cozy and private little place to relax and take most of their daily naps.

The posts wrapped in jute-fiber will let your cats release all that scratching energy they otherwise spend in clawing and destroying your furniture and drapes. Together with the toys, the posts help your cats get a lot of exercises, sharpen their claws, and stay entertained for hours.

Made with premium material, the tree is strong and durable. Additionally, the neutral color tones will fit in seamlessly with your home’s existing décor.


9. AmazonBasics Cat Activity Tree

AmazonBasics Cat Activity Tree

Some cats cannot get enough scratching at everything in the house- furniture, carpet, couch, curtains, and everything they can get near their claws. For such cats, AmazonBasics has the best cat tower.

Built to withstand the sharpest of claws, this three-platform cat tower has 7 scratching posts wrapped in jute fiber. The ropes being made out of high-quality fiber is extremely sturdy, and unlike lower quality ropes, this will not hurt or splinter your cats’ paws. The tower itself is very sturdy; it will not be knocked over easily, no matter how persistently the posts are being scratched.

The platforms are covered in soft and plush fabric for your cats’ comfort. The round top platform with a raised edge around it can act as a cozy little bed where your cats can nap all day long. The base of the tower being square-shaped, you can place it in any little corner of the house.


10. Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree

Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree

If you have multiple cats who can be very feisty, you would need a rather big and durable cat tree. Go Pet Club’s cat tree is constructed with highly durable compressed wood and has a strong base, making sure that the tree can put up with your cats’ energy.

The platforms are covered in faux fur to keep your little friends warm and cozy. The multiple scratching posts on this tree are covered with natural sisal ropes, perfect for cats to scratch as much as they like.

Apart from the three basic platforms, the cat tree has a little hammock, a roomy condo, a hanging basket lounge, a tunnel, and a ladder.

Each of them is lined with soft fur and is strong enough to hold heavy cats without much difficulty. The hanging basket might seem. However, it can carry heavy cats with ease. In fact, with its nest-like features, the basket might become your cat’s favorite little napping place.

The cat toy attached to the tree would certainly entertain your cats the most. The cave-like condo would give a sense of privacy and security to your cats. Additionally, the perches have raised edges that provide more safety and support to your furry friend.

Assembling the tree at home is rather simple and would take you only about 10-15 minutes. Complete with all these features, the cat tree comes at a very reasonable cost as well.


11. Rabbitgoo Cat Tree Cat Tower

Rabbitgoo Cat Tree Cat Tower

Spacious and versatile, Rabbitgoo’s multi-purpose cat tree is the perfect recreational paradise for your fur babies. This four-storied cat tree consists of multiple platforms, a cozy hammock, a cradle-like basket, a condo, a ladder, and cat toys.

Your cats can play with the interactive hanging ball and loop, tour freely across the different platforms, or just relax in the basket. The condo will allow them to enjoy some privacy, while the top perch will certainly make them feel like they are on top of the world.

The scratching posts reinforced with natural sisal ropes will let your cats scratch to their hearts’ content, while also saving your furniture from their claws. The skin-friendly plush covering the platforms and seats will keep your cats warm and comfortable.

Crafted from heavy-duty particle wood, the entire tree is sturdy; the tough base plates add stability to the structure. Being made out of high-density particle wood, the posts are robust and can bear a lot of weight without any wobbling. Additionally, all the platforms are constructed of strong P2 grade wood, ensuring your cat’s safety, no matter how restless or jumpy they are.

Coming with a detailed graphic instruction manual, the tree can be put together without much hassle. If you have multiple cats, this is the best cat tower to keep all your felines happy.


12. Go Pet Club 72 Cat Tree

Go Pet Club 72" Cat Tree

For those who need a sturdy yet budget-friendly cat condo for more than one cat, we suggest Go Pet Club’s 72” cat tree.

Made with quality compressed wood, this large cat tree is sturdy and stable, and can hold multiple cats at once, without any signs of wobbling.

Instructions to assemble the tree are provided, along with all the necessary tools.

The tree includes 5 platforms, 2 spacious cat condos with multiple windows, and two ladders for your cats to climb easily. The top three perches have raised edges to provide more safety and comfort to your cats. The two ladders will help older cats or even cats with special needs since they can climb the tower with much more ease.

Being lined with faux fur, the entire tree is very soft and cozy for your felines. The posts are covered in sisal fiber ropes, where cats can channel their scratching energy and sharpen their claws.

Coming in various neutral shades, you can pick whatever color will mesh well with your other furniture. Maintaining this cat tree is quite easy since you simply have to brush it once in a while to keep it clean.


13. BEWISHOME Cat Tree


If you have a little army of furry felines at home, then a big cat tree with numerous lounging spots is probably one of the best cat condos for you.
Complete with 2 top perches, 2 roomy condos, 1 hammock, multiple scratching posts, and numerous cat toys, this cat condo by Bewishome is the ultimate way to pamper your furry babies.

The two top perching platforms are cushioned with the softest and plushest fabric. The raised edging on these perches will keep your cats safe and secure while they are napping on them.

Being spacious, the condos will act as cozy little hideaway spaces or napping spots. The hammock at the bottom is also a welcoming place for your furry friends to curl up and nap. The sisal-covered posts will take care of your felines’ scratching instincts, while the interactive jingly balls and sisal twine will engage them to play.

Constructed to be sturdy, this cat tower has a strong base and a well-balanced design. Your cats can leap on and off the tree safely, without the tree trembling and falling over. If you have multiple cats, there is an anchor strap with which you can attach the tower to the wall, giving the tower additional safety and stability.


14. BEWISHOME Large Cat Tree

BEWISHOME Large Cat Tree

If you need a quite elaborate cat condo, Bewishome has another amazing arrangement for you. Durable and strong, this is one of the best cat towers you can buy if you have multiple cats.

Consisting of 3 top perching platforms, 2 spacious condos with multiple windows, a cozy little hammock,and multiple cat toys, this cat tree would act as a safe little haven for your furry friends.

Being cushioned with the plushest fabric, the perches will act as great napping spots for cats. The raised edging on these platforms adds more safety while your cats relax on them.

Usually, the condos on cat trees are not roomy enough for large cats. However, on this cat tree, both the condos are spacious, even for large cats. The biggest condo located near the bottom will not make the structure unstable either.

The cat tree has more than 10 posts wrapped in sisal fiber ropes; your cats would not run out of places to sharpen their claws.

Built with quality wood, the cat tower is already well-balanced and sturdy. However, if you need more stability because you have multiple cats using the tree, a wall anchor strap is provided with the product.

Lastly, on top of all the amazing features, we discussed, easy assembly and a high value for the price make this the best cat tower if you have multiple adult cats.


15. Furhaven Pet Cat Tree

Furhaven Pet Cat Tree

Furhaven has one of the best cat trees for those who have more than one or more small or average-sized cats.

The entire tree consists of 2 condos, 2 top perches and multiple platforms, 1 ladder, several cat toys, a cat IQ box, and numerous scratching posts. Like all the other trees on this list, this one also has multiple scratching posts on which your cats can wreak havoc.

The platforms being lined with luxurious faux fur will be gentle on your cats’ skin and let them have comfortable naps. The condos will provide them with a sense of privacy. However, unlike condos on other cat trees, these are much more airy and spacious, and not to mention extremely cozy.

Apart from being a cozy nesting space, the tree is also interactive. If they are bored of scratching, the cat IQ box, the plush ball toys, and the small mouse plushy can keep your felines busy and entertained for long stretches at a time.

The ladder and the condo at the bottom are especially helpful if you have older cats or any feline with special needs.

Easy to assemble and clean, this elaborate arrangement of a cat tree is available at a very reasonable price.


16. MQ Multi-Level Cat Tree

MQ Multi-Level Cat Tree

Speaking of elaborate arrangements, MQ has the best cat tower with every possible lounging feature. For those who have multiple cats, this is the ultimate cat tree you need.

A whopping 67” high, this cat tree has everything- 3 cushioned perches, multiple platforms, 2 airy condos, a comfy basket lounger, a removable hammock, and numerous cat toys.

Made with quality wood, the tree is well-balanced and durable. The CARB-certified P2 grade particle boards are eco-friendly and strong enough to hold large cats. The reinforced wooden base-plate adds even more stability.
In case you want to make sure that the tree does not topple over because multiple cats are using it, a wall strip is provided with the tree for additional safety.

Every lounging space on the tree is lined with soft and plush fabric covering that can withstand scratchy paws and make your cats feel very comfortable. The condos are airy and spacious, while the hammock and the basket are like cozy little nests. The cushioned edging on the perches will keep your cats safe while they are napping on the very top of the tower.

It is needless to say that there are scratching posts on this tree covered in natural sisal fiber where your cats can release all their scratching energy.
Easy to assemble, this tree is sturdy enough to hold large cats with ease. The very high value for its cost is a cherry on top.


17. Hey-Brother Extra Big Cat Tree

Hey-Brother Extra Big Cat Tree

Often big cat trees can be cumbersome. If you have a large cat or more than one cat, and you are looking for a big condo on the simpler side, Hey-brother has the best cat tree for you.

Are you looking for a top perch, a large platform, roomy condos, cozy hammocks, and sturdy basket loungers in a cat tree? This one has one of each, designed ergonomically so that your fur babies will frequently use all of them.

The top perch has thick padding, with raised edges making it a perfect napping spot for cats. Being covered with ultra-soft plush, the entire tree will provide relaxation to all your felines.

The reinforced posts on this tree are wrapped in sisal ropes for your cats’ scratching needs. Climbing the various levels on this big tree and the interactive toys attached to it will promote exercising.

Constructed with CARB-certified natural particle boards, the tree is extremely tough and can carry large cats without even showing signs of toppling over. The strong battens at the bottom ensure even more overall stability. If you want double security, anti-toppling fittings are included with the product.

There is also a fun bonus- a detachable cat bowl. If your cats are reluctant to climb down the tree, you can simply serve their food in this bowl. Since the bowl can be attached to the tower, you do not have to worry about your cats pushing it off the edge.


18. PetPals New Paper Rope Natural Bowl Shaped

PetPals New Paper Rope Natural Bowl Shaped

Cat trees are often not very elegant or aesthetic. However, PetPals gorgeous little cat condo is an exception.

Available in two different sizes, this cat condo consists of one top perch and one big basket lounge, a dangling cat toy, and a scratching post. Both the lounging spaces come with their personal soft and cozy cushions.

Made with extremely sturdy jute and paper rope woven together, the baskets are strong and durable. The spacious bowl-shaped base perch will act as the coziest nesting place for cats.

The scratching post is covered with durable jute fiber; your cats can scratch it to their hearts’ utmost content. The dangling cat toy will also keep them entertained.

Both the perches are sturdy enough to hold up to a whopping 25 lbs each! If you have large cats, this is the best cat condo for you.

Easy to assemble, all the tools and instructions to put the tree together is provided. Not to mention, unlike every other obvious cat tree, this chic cat condo will fit in perfectly with your décor or stand out as a statement piece of furniture.


19. Hey-brother 65 Extra Large Multi-Level Cat Tree

Hey-brother 65" Extra Large Multi-Level Cat Tree

It is hard to find the right cat tree when you have multiple large cats. Hey-brother has the best cat tower for you which will take care of your fluffy ones’ needs. 

Made to be strong and well-balanced, the tree has 3 top perches, 2 spacious condos, one tunnel at the base, one hanging basket, and many interactive, jingling cat toys.

The large top platforms have a removable extra-thick wash mat for easy cleaning. Covered with plush cushions, the perches have raised edges for your felines’ safety. Both the condos are extremely spacious, even for larger cats to comfortably nestle and rest. It is needless to mention how much your cats would enjoy scratching the sisal-rope-covered posts.

Constructed with CARB-certified boards, with strong battens at the bottom, this tree is strong and stable. And even though it is a big tree, you can put it together with ease with all the instructions and tools provided.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best cat trees for your big fluffy babies to climb, play, relax, and nap comfortably all day long.


Factors To Consider

No matter which cat tree you buy, there are certain factors you must keep in mind to ensure that your furry friends have an optimum experience.

1. Comfort

We know how much cats love boxes. They make them feel more secure. However, if you want your cats to really utilize the cat tree you are buying, you have to make sure that it is comfortable.

A cat tree might have many lounging features such as condos, hammocks, and so on. We simply have to make sure that all the spaces where your cats can relax have soft cushioning and enough space for your cats to relax.

2. Durability

Usually, cat trees come with scratching posts so that your furniture can be safe from your feline friends’ scratching instincts. We must consider how sturdy and durable the tree is because if your cats are very energetic, the cat tree has to keep up with them.

3. Safety

Cat trees are meant for climbing purposes. It is crucial to ensure that the tower is sturdy and stable enough for your cats to climb up and down without the tower itself toppling over. It is also essential to check if there are any sharp edges on which cats can hurt themselves.

If you have large cats, you must consider whether the tree is stable enough to hold them safely.

4. Features

Every cat is different and has different needs. Some cats are energetic climbers, so you might want taller cat trees with a lot of levels for them. Some cats feel secure in enclosed places; cat trees with spacious condos would be the right choice for such felines.

The scratching post is a feature that is common for almost all cat trees; each tree we have listed has scratching posts on them. If your cat is a chaotic scratcher clawing at your furniture all day, cat towers heavily focusing on maximizing the number of scratching posts would be perfect for your little friend.

It t is essential to understand your cats’ needs before buying a cat tree if you want them to fully use the product.

5. Price

The price tag does not necessarily denote the quality of a product. Cat trees are investments that are going to stay with you for a long while. So, we must focus on the value of the price of the tree you are buying.

Best Cat Trees – Concluding

Every cat is unique in their own quirky little ways. Understanding their needs is the key to finding the best cat tree for your little ones.
We have considered all the important factors while selecting each product on this list. They simply vary in secondary features; you can pick whichever cat tree suits your and your cat’s needs without worrying about the quality. And no matter what you buy, we hope your furry friends find a safe little haven in their cat tower.

FAQs on Cat Trees

Qu003cstrongu003e1. Do Cats Actually Use Cat Trees?u003c/strongu003e

Felines love cat trees. They are really fun to climb, cats can scratch the scratching posts, and a lot of cats might feel secure sleeping in high spots in the room, which is why they will absolutely adore a cat tree.

Qu003cstrongu003e2. How Many Cat Trees Do I Need?u003c/strongu003e

It depends on how many cats you have and what kind of tree you are buying. It also depends upon what your cat needs.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eIf you have multiple cats, simply make sure that the tree is sturdy and well-balanced.

Qu003cstrongu003e3. How Long Should A Cat Tree Last?u003c/strongu003e

A cat tree can last a few months or numerous years. The quality of a tree dictates its lifetime. If you have rowdy cats, keep durability in mind before anything else while buying a tree.

Qu003cstrongu003e4. How Do I Get My Cat To Like The Cat Tree?u003c/strongu003e

Your cats might initially be hesitant to use a new cat tree. You can try placing the tower somewhere your cats like to hang out and putting some treats/toys/catnip on it.