Do Persian Cats Like to Play?

Do Persian Cats Like to Play?

One of the reasons why Persian cats are so popular, aside from their gorgeous coat, is their extremely laid-back cat-titude.

Lovingly referred to as ‘cushions with legs’ by some owners, Persian cats are probably best known for their ability to sleep for twenty hours a day and spend the other four hours on your lap, grooming, or loafing!

But is this totally true? Are Persian cats that lazy or do Persian cats like to play?

Short answer: while Persian cats are a low energy cat, they still enjoy playing like any other cat and they should be encouraged to do so. Regular exercise is one of the best ways to keep a Persian cat healthy.

Do Persian Cats Have Favorite Toys?

The trick with many Persian cats is to entice them to play, especially when they would rather loaf around. While you should never force any cat to play, figuring out a good schedule for them when they would like to play is important.

Many cats enjoy a good playtime after they have had a nap. (My two cats have a pretty set routine: early morning chase game, breakfast, nap, more chase games, more naps, etc.)

By following your cat’s schedule, you’ll have a much easier time getting them to play.

Persian cats will have favored toys, just like any other cats, and you don’t have to break the bank!

Indeed, some of a cat’s favorite toys are probably already in your house and include things like:

  • Hair ties
  • Bread bag tags
  • String
  • Straws
  • Bookmarks with tassels
  • Pop bottle lids
  • Mismatched socks tied in a knot

Do Persian Cats Like to Play?

Cats tend to find their own toys and you would be amazed and what becomes a favorite.

More interactive toys can include:

  • Things that you would drag by a good string
  • Toy mice to throw
  • Catnip toys
  • Treat puzzle toys
  • Balls (My longhair cat loves pom pom balls and she will carry them proudly down the hall, mrrping, as she does)
  • Laser pointers

And of course, giving your cat somewhere to perch is important too as they often like to look outside. Scratching posts can also help save your furniture.

When playing with your Persian cat, it’s important to follow their lead, set up a daily schedule so they know when to expect play time, and always let them ‘win’.

Their final game at least should always result in them getting their ‘prey’, in whatever form that takes. This gives your cat a more satisfying conclusion and makes it more likely they will want to play again.

Do Persian Cats Like to Climb?

Some cats love climbing things and others do not. Persian cats tend to fall towards the ‘not’ side. Like any other cat, they enjoy a good perch where they can survey their kingdom and lounge about looking regal, but they aren’t really climbers.

They have stout, short legs that aren’t really well designed for climbing and they don’t have to jump around as much either. This means that any perches should be set up so they can easily reach them as they probably won’t jump very high or climb.

Mind, there are always exceptions, and you may find that you have a climbing Persian on your hands! In that case, it’s important to make sure that they have something safe to climb that won’t wreck your furniture.

Can Persian Cats Play Outside?

For many pet owners, keeping their cats indoors only feels vaguely cruel, especially considering how intently they look outside. But keeping Persian cats indoors is important if you want a healthy, long-lived animal.

Persian cats aren’t well equipped to survive outside: they are too docile to put up much of a fight, they are friendly enough that they can be easy to steal, and their long coats get matted, dirty, and infested with bugs and sticky things all too easily. They can also pick up diseases and parasites, and get injured by other cats, wildlife, and vehicles.

If you want to take your cat outdoors, you should make sure that you train them to go outside on a harness or in a carrier. This helps to control where your cat is going and prevents them from getting injured.

You can also build a ‘catio’ which is an enclosed space that still lets in plenty of fresh air and allows them to look outside more easily.

However, you probably don’t have to worry too much that your Persian cat is missing out anyway. While they enjoy windows, they don’t generally feel the urge to stray too far from their people.

Having your cat spayed or neutered will also drastically cut down on their urge to wander. But you can train your Persian cat to go on walks and to travel more comfortably with you if that’s something you are interested in.


Persian cats are lower energy than many other breeds of cats, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like to play. Figure out a time every day that works well for you and your cat and let them play with toys that they enjoy.

Providing your cat with a perch to look outside also provides mental stimulation. This is not a breed of cat that usually climbs (though there are exceptions) and they don’t do well outside without careful supervision and a thorough grooming session after.

Regular exercise is still essential for Persian cats to help them build up muscle, prevent obesity, and improve their mental health. It’s also good for bonding between you and your cat!

What’s your cat’s favorite game to play? We have a bonded pair, so their favorite game is chase, ambush, and wrestling. They also enjoy chasing mice and soft balls.