Stroke Cat Butt

If you are a new cat owner then you might have noticed a peculiar behavior in your cat. Most cats tend to raise their butt and her tail in the air when you have been stroking her for a while.

This might seem weird to you but this behavior actually means that your cat is showing you a lot of trust. It is also considered a form of politeness like when you see two friendly cats rubbing against each other.

You can be assured that your cat does not mean to insult you or is scared of you in any way. That said, if you are looking to make your cat’s world more comfortable then there are many cat accessories that you can pick up.

Cat beds are an essential item and you might want to make one yourself but often these are no substitute to a proper bed. We have curated a list of the best cat beds in the market to make your job easier. Take a look at it now!