Why Does My Cat Watch Me Take a Bath?

Why Does My Cat Watch Me Take a Bath?

Bathrooms have long been an intriguing place for cats. With rolls of toilet paper to play with and closets full of towels to hide in, it’s no wonder cats love this room of the house. They may even go so far as to follow you inside and constantly watch you take a bath.

Your cat watches you take a bath because it’s curious. When cats are close with their human companions, it’s common for them to want to be part of their activities. Your cat likely loves spending time with you and following you around the house, even to the bathroom.

In the rest of this article, we’ll take a closer look at what specifically motivates your cat to follow you around, including to the bathtub. We’ll also explore the reasons behind some of their comically strange behavior and what to do if it makes you uncomfortable.

Cats Love Bathrooms

One of the reasons you may find your cat watching you go about your routine in the bathroom is their pure love for part of the house. Bathrooms can feel different for cats than other rooms, with their cool tile floors, bathtubs, toilet paper rolls, linen closets, and overall cozy feel. You may find evidence that your cat has been hanging out in the bathroom whether you’re in there or not.

Unrolled toilet paper and knocked-over toiletries will clue you in to your cat’s antics while you’re not at home.

Given their preference for this room in the house, it can be an exciting moment when their favorite human enters the bathroom. While they may be less interested in other parts of your routine, bathroom activities may be particularly exciting for them. Additionally, cats may be drawn to the bathroom because it might seem off-limits to them.

You may try to keep the door closed or keep your cat out of this private space, which may make your cat more determined to enter the area and see what’s going on inside.

Finally, if the cat’s litter box is located in the bathroom, you may find them darting in the bathroom before you have a chance to enter. There are many reasons your cat may be motivated to hang around the bathroom and not miss out on any activity occurring inside.

For more insight into why your cat loves the bathroom so much, you can check out this informative YouTube video:

Cats Love To Follow People They Like

Cats are supremely curious animals, and you may find your cat following your every move when you’re home.

They’re generally entertained by their caregiver’s activities. So it’s normal that your cat enjoys watching you, no matter what you’re doing. And if you haven’t been at home all day, your cat may be especially motivated to follow you wherever you go.

As independent as cats may be, they still will crave love and affection from their humans and may sit and stare at you in the bath in hopes of attention. To them, it may appear that you’re not doing much.

There’s no laptop around, and your cat might see this as a perfect time for you to give it some attention.

If this seems like your cat’s main motivation for staring at you in the tub, try to meet your cat’s needs before bath time. Especially if you’ve just come home from work and haven’t been with your feline all day, your cat may need some of your energy and affection before leaving you in peace.

You can spend some time playing with your cat, using its favorite toys, petting it, or engaging in whatever its favorite activity is together. By giving your pet a dose of entertainment and love, it may be less likely to follow you to the bathtub and watch you during your “me” time.

Cats Are Intrigued by Water

While cats typically don’t like taking baths themselves, they can be very curious about running water.

They may not want to get anywhere near it, but they may be fascinated with the sound and appearance of the water flowing out of the tap and collecting in the tub. The ripples in the water can be equally fascinating, as can the bubbles if you choose to take a bubble bath.

Cats can also be concerned about what you’re doing submerged in all that water. Since they don’t generally enjoy taking baths or getting soaking wet, they can be very confused by the fact that humans seem to enjoy it.Why Does My Cat Watch Me Take a Bath?

They may also be concerned that you’re in danger as you sit in so much water. In fact, some cats may exhibit signs of stress around their humans taking a bath.

Alternatively, your cat might get up close and personal with your bathwater.

Some cats like to sit on the edge of the tub and play with the water below. They may swat at it or even try to get a drink. Your cat’s personality will largely determine how active it watches and participates in bath time.

You may consider buying your cat a larger, more interesting water dish to simulate the bathtub experience. As an alternative, your cat may enjoy its own mini-bathtub bowl where it can watch the ripples and lick up fresh, clean water.

Additionally, your cat may enjoy it if its food and water are in separate locations.

Sometimes cats seek alternative places to drink if their water is too close to their food. Your car may follow you to the bathtub for this reason. If you place your cat’s water dish in its own location in the house, your cat may feel happier drinking from it.

One way to help your cat avoid the bathroom when you’re taking a bath is to let your cat drink running water from the sink. If they feel that you’re attentive to their needs, they might not want to join you in your bath.

Cats Enjoy Getting Attention

If you find yourself startled by your cat casually watching you in the bath, the seemingly negative attention you give your pet may be enjoyable. Even if you tell your cat to leave the room, your cat may enjoy that you took notice of it and reacted with some attention.

The best thing to do with attention-seeking cats in this scenario is to ignore the behavior you wish to change.

Instead of using your energy and attention to try to get your cat out of the room, simply ignore it.

Even if your cat stares, purrs, and meows at you while you’re in the tub, simply ignore it. You can shower it with love and affection later on when it behaves in a way you enjoy. The more you can establish this pattern, the better.

Your cat will slowly learn what to do to get your attention and what behavior will yield no reaction from you.

Cats Want To Communicate

Cats have nuanced inner worlds, and often when they’re staring at their humans, they’re trying to communicate something. It could be an expression of their curiosity as they gather information on what their human is doing.

If your cat stares at you, chances are it wants attention and affection from you. It can also be that your cat’s food dish is empty and they are looking for something to eat.

As you get to know your cat better, you’ll better understand what particular motivation applies best to its personality. How your cat interacts with you during bath time can reveal insight into your cat’s own inner world.

For more insight into what cats are thinking when they’re staring at us, check out the link below:

Final Thoughts

When it comes to your cat watching you bathe, there are many reasons why it’s invested in the activity. Maybe your cat finds running water interesting, or maybe it craves your presence and attention.

Perhaps it’s just curious to know what’s happening in its favorite room of the house.

Whatever the particular reason is for your pet, one thing is certain, and that is that this is a favorite pastime of cats, no matter the breed, background, or experience.