Why Do Cats Like Laptops So Much?

Why Do Cats Like Laptops?

You sit down at your desk to work, thinking you’re going to get some things done for the day when your cat decides that it’s time for it to join you while plopping down in the middle of your laptop. Of course, this doesn’t allow you to get anything done, so you both sit there, looking at each other. Why does your cat do this?

Cats like laptops because they are warm, and cats need a lot of external warmth to stay warm. They also want to be the center of attention and want to be with you, as they get lonely occasionally. You can keep your cat off your laptop by providing a warm and comfy place near your desk.

Cats are social creatures who want to be warm and loved, so providing them with a space near you for rest is one way to keep them off your laptop. There are other ways, so let’s get started!

Cats Need a Lot of Warmth

A cat’s normal body temperature is roughly 10 degrees warmer than a human’s, so they need more ambient warmth to stay warm. A laptop that’s been in use is very warm, so your cat will naturally be more inclined to lay on top of it. And chances are, if you’re using your laptop, you will be more likely to pet your cat and give it additional warmth.

Your cat naturally gravitates to warmer areas like blankets, laptops, and your lap, so they don’t need to expend too much extra energy to keep their body temperature up. So if your cat comes up on your laptop when you’re in the middle of a project, you might want to consider raising the room temperature.

Cats Want to Be the Center of Attention

Cats love being the center of attention, and when they want it, they will get it no matter what. If they feel ignored because you’re on your laptop, they will climb on the thing you’re giving attention to so they get your attention instead of the object. They aren’t trying to sabotage you or take over the world. They want some love.

When your cat jumps up on your keyboard or laptop, you might want to give your cat some undivided attention for a few minutes before going on with your work or surfing the web.

Another way that your cat will interrupt you while you’re on your computer is by rubbing your hand or leg repeatedly, hoping to get some attention from you. While you might not want to encourage any interruptions, your cat does need some attention from you once in a while to ward off depression and loneliness.

Cats Get Lonely and Want to Be With You

While cats’ stereotype is aloof and not very sociable, this is not always true. They are social creatures who need your love and companionship, at least once in a while. If your cat doesn’t feel like you’re giving it enough attention, it will seek your attention at the least convenient moment.

One way to counteract this before it happens is to give your cat as much attention as possible before you start working on your computer. Then your cat will be happy to sit beside you and sleep while you work on your project. If you put a folding footstool or cat bed near you while you’re working, they will be less likely to sit on your laptop–especially if it is a warm place to sleep.

When you create a place for your kitty friend next to you, they are less likely to sit on your laptop, which might be a good idea if you work from home.

How Do You Keep Your Cat Off Your Laptop?

When you’re working from home, you can’t afford to have your cat on your keyboard or laptop because they might destroy what you’re working on. But sometimes, cats can be persistent when they want something. There are ways to keep your kitty off your laptop and still give them what they need.

You can distract your cat with a laser pointer or string, or you can provide a soft, warm spot for your cat near you. You also want to pay some attention to your cat now and again, so they don’t have to come to you for attention.

Use Distraction to Keep Your Kitty Away

If your cat jumps up on your laptop, and you have put them back on the floor several times, it might be time to use distraction to take your cat’s mind off your laptop. Your cat will jump up on your laptop when they are bored, so if you give them something to do, they will forget about your work.Why Do Cats Like Laptops So Much?

A laser pointer works well to get your cat in a play mode, which takes them away from your work area. If you don’t have one, a string will work instead. At any rate, using a device to get your cat to play and get some exercise will help them get tired enough to sleep somewhere else.

Boredom is one of the main reasons your cat gives you unwanted attention, so have something ready to distract it with.

Provide a Heated Area for Your Cat to Enjoy

Cats love the warmth of a laptop when in use, so if you place a blanket or some other soft thing near a heater vent, your cat might be more willing to leave your laptop alone and let you get some work done.

If you have a small space heater, try putting it near the cat bed area to entice your cat to lay down there. In the summer, a sunny windowsill provides a warm space that gives your cat the bonus of keeping watch over the world outside.

Create a Comfortable Resting Spot Near You

When cats are lonely, they are more interested in what you’re doing because they want your attention. If you have a folding footstool or another soft or comfortable piece of furniture, place it near you, so your cat has a place to rest while you’re working. When your cat has a place to sit near you, they won’t be as apt to climb in your space.

If you have more than one cat, your cats might fight over the comfortable spot next to you once in a while. If they do that, try enticing one of them to sit on your lap, or if you’re on the couch, have them sit next to you on the other side.

Cats will take turns in the “prime spot,” though. As long as each one has a comfortable resting spot near you, they will behave themselves.

Pay Some Attention to Your Kitty Friend Once In a While

Cats sit on laptops because they are lonely. If your cat is sitting next to you while you’re working, you give some attention to them once in a while, and then your cat will be less likely to interrupt your workflow. Pet them, scratch them under the chin now and then, and talk with them occasionally to help them feel like you care and that you love them.


Cats are sociable creatures who need occasional interaction and love. They want your attention at the most inopportune times, which includes sitting on your laptop. But if you have alternatives set up for your cat, they will be less likely to climb up there.

When your cat finds a new spot to be, reward them with a small treat or a little affection. Entice your cat to stay off your computer or keyboard with fun toys and a comfortable space to be. When they have more incentives to be off your laptop and be near you, you might get more work done.