Can Cats Eat Bacon Bits?

Can Cats Eat Bacon Bits?

Bacon bits are found in most peoples’ fridges in one form or another (straight up bacon bits, synthetic bacon bits, vegan ‘bacon’ bits….) so it wouldn’t be at all unusual to discover that your cat has nibbled at any bits that fall to the floor.

Real bacon bits in particular are going to be a draw for cats because it’s made of pure meat which cats eat. They may also be drawn to the texture and the saltiness. But is this a problem? If you have bacon bits, can you share? Can cats eat bacon bits?

Short answer: Yes, cats can eat real bacon bits, but it should only be a small amount once in a while. We wouldn’t recommend letting your cat eat synthetic bacon bits as there is no meat in them and a lot of chemicals and salt.

Even ‘pure’ bacon bits have a lot of sodium and chemicals in them, so it’s not something you want to let them have often. But as an occasional treat, bacon bits are a good way to a cat’s heart.

Do Cats Like Bacon Bits?

Most cats probably will like bacon bits, assuming they are made with actual bacon. Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning that they need to eat a diet of largely meat in order to stay healthy. And bacon, like pork, definitely qualifies. Pork in general is often found in cat food, so it’s not unusual for cats to enjoy it in the same form as humans do too.

Most of my past cats have all liked bacon and pork. Once in a while, they would get quite bossy about it (and my toddler was happy to help)!

Synthetic bacon bits on the other hand probably won’t be as popular. While they are meant to taste like bacon, most cats are going to know the difference. Whether that stops them from eating it or not is another matter, but it probably won’t make them as happy as pure bacon bits.

Do Cats Hate Bacon Bits?

Some cats probably won’t care for bacon bits, particularly if they are the type to not bother with human food at all. In this case, it can be a texture thing, or they might not like the grease. Some cats cannot be bothered trying to chew them. It really depends on the cat.

If your cat doesn’t like bacon bits, don’t worry about it. They get all the meat they need from their usual diet and if they don’t like bacon bits, that means you don’t have to worry that they are having too much sodium or fat.

Can Eating Bacon Bits Kill My Cat?

It’s highly unlikely that eating bacon bits will kill your cat, assuming that you’re not having your cat live strictly on bacon bits. Bacon bits are not toxic to cats and nothing about the process of making bacon bits adds toxicity either.

That being said, bacon bits are about as healthy for cats as they are for humans and for the same reasons. Bacon bits contain a lot of sodium and fat and since most cats don’t spend a lot of time running around, it doesn’t take much fat in their diet to start to pile up and cause them to gain weight.

The sodium levels also have to be considered as it will make cats thirstier and too much sodium over time can cause problems such as:

  • Obesity
  • Dehydration
  • High blood pressure
  • Clogged blood vessels

Bacon bits can also pose a very minimal choking hazard, but the risk of that is pretty minuscule.

So, no, it’s very unlikely that letting your cat eat bacon bits will kill it. But if they eat too much bacon, they can have some long-term health problems, and eating too much at once might make them feel kind of queasy, much like humans do after bingeing on bacon! In this case, it’s usually the grease causing them to feel ill and it’s very temporary.

Cats are not generally allergic to pork, but you never know! If after eating bacon or pork your cat shows symptoms like excessive itching, vomiting, or diarrhea, don’t let them eat any more and talk to your vet if the symptoms last longer than a day. Pork allergies in cats are rare, but you just never know.

How Many Bacon Bits Can I Feed My Cat?

Cats should only have one or two bite-sized bacon bits and that should only be offered as a treat on occasion. We would recommend steering clear of feeding your cat synthetic bacon bits as there really is nothing in there that would be benefit cats and the extra chemicals and ingredients may make them sick.

High-quality, pure bacon bits are probably ‘best’, though given the amount of salt and fat in even the best bacon bits, it’s still not something to give to your cat regularly. As an occasional treat (less than once a week), you’re probably fine.

Are There Any Health Benefits of Bacon Bits for Cats?

Ham, pork, and bacon do have some health benefits for cats, but bacon is pretty fatty and salty. Quality bacon bits pares back a little on the salt and fat content, but honestly, the amount that you can feed your cat versus the benefits pretty much ends in a zero.

So, bacon bits really have no health benefits for cats because there are too many things that make them unhealthy and not enough protein in the small amount to make it worthwhile.

But sometimes even cats like to have a straight-up junk food treat and bacon bits fit the bill nicely while still being a meat product as opposed to something like bread or cheese.


Just like humans should only have bacon sometimes and not live on it, cats should only have bacon and bacon bits as an occasional treat.

It makes a good treat for a special occasion since most cats will really like it, but it should never replace their regular food. And monitor your cat after eating bacon bits for the first time to ensure that they don’t get ill off it.

Does your cat like bacon bits? If so, mind your baked potatoes and salad cause they can be awfully sneaky!