Cats and Halloween

Cats are commonly shown on Halloween posters besides creatures like bats. But, does that mean that cats are scary? Of course not. They are adorable little creatures that deserve all our love and affection. Most cats are very calm and will not react in a negative way unless provoked by something.

Halloween is a great time to enjoy and have fun with jack o’lanterns and costumes. That said, animals like cats are very likely to get scared by such things. You must make sure to ensure the safety of your cat by following at least the minimum tips.

Candies can be harmful to the cat and so can things like candles and other flame related items. You might also want to prevent your cat from wandering out the house on a halloween night.

Some other safety items that are a must have for cat owners is a cat harness. This is not just for Halloween as the best cat harnesses will help you prevent your cat from wandering on the road near oncoming traffic.