Cat History

Cats have been with humans for a very very long time. It is believed that cat history can be traced back to the Miacis, a weasel like creature that who roamed the Earth 40 or more million years ago. One of the best known pre-historic cat is the saber toothed tiger.

Now as someone who might be interested in adopting a cat, you don’t necessarily have to know about the Smilodon (Saber toothed tiger). That said, it is useful knowledge to know the history of cats.

Modern cats just like ancient ones have specific traits and personalities. Some cats are playful while others might remain silent. If you are looking to adopt one then you must consider the cat’s breed carefully as this makes the biggest difference on their behavior.

With that set, it is time to go shopping and get best accessories that your cat will require. Some are very essential while others are a welcome add on that your cat will surely love. One of the most useful things that any cat owner must have is a cat harness for when you decide to head out with your feline friend.